10 Product Analytics Tools for Product-led Growth Businesses

If you want to grow your business, product analysis tools are crucial for understanding how to improve the goods that you sell. The tools can provide you with accurate data to ensure your marketing team can track patterns, engagement, and retention. There are a few important product analytics tools to consider using.

What is product analytics?

Product analytics involves analyzing different behaviors and patterns with the services or goods you offer. The process makes it possible to determine how your customers use your goods or services to ensure you can enhance their performance.

Why Do You Need a Product Analytics Tool?

Due to how competitive each industry and market is today, it requires using product analytics tools to avoid guessing when it comes to what your customers want and what they’re prone to buying. The product analytics tools can save your company a lot of time and money to ensure you gain vital insights to ensure you can properly optimize the different features that your customers use.

The Top Product Analytics Tools for Product-led Growth


For Product-Led Growth (PLG) to be a success, you can check Amplitude, which offers insight into how your visitors engage with your site with the use of notifications and behavioral reports. You can determine how your customers interact with the goods or services you sell and how they use a specific event path in your product.


Mixpanel is an effective product analysis tool that allows you to understand why and how your customers engage with your products and company. The tool will provide your marketing team with the ability to leverage analytics and make informed decisions that increase your sales.

Heap Analytics

You can have complete access to data from the past with Heap Analytics and look at how your past visitors spent their time while exploring your website. Different sources can be synced to your sources with the data from Heap Analytics to ensure you get answers to the questions you have to ensure you can create a better marketing plan.


As one of the most popular product analysis software, Pendo allows you to view your customers’ behavior on the internet, on different mobile apps, and on internal apps. It’ll allow you to get an idea of the areas that need to be optimized.


CleverTap provides you with real-time insights that allow you to discover how your customers use your products. The software makes it easier to manage different campaigns according to stage, behavior, and location.


The segment provides you with a central hub where you can stay organized and manage all of your data sources in one place. The data management tool saves you time because you don’t have to work on building interactions and maintaining them. You can use the tool to easily access A/B testing, product analytics, and marketing.


Glassbox works across websites and mobile while leveraging behavioral analytics, Big Data, and application monitoring. It can allow you to discover what you’re customers are doing and why they may be doing it.


LogRocket offers in-depth customer insights as a cloud-based solution to monitor your performance, track bugs, and look into different actions. It’ll allow you to discover what your customers want by tracking event volumes and


If you want to increase your customer satisfaction, Gainsight includes retention analysis and funnel analysis. You can monitor different events and discover new ways for customer adoption to increase your sales.


Totango has features like data hubs, customer health scores, and segmentation and allows you to monitor your customers’ journeys. You can easily view account upgrades and renewals in one place.

Benefits of Product Analytics Tool

Using a product analytics tool can provide marketing teams to gain more access to varied resources. It can offer a unique perspective on your own offerings and allow you to make the best decisions that increase your sales and growth. The tools also make it easier to know how to make optimized products that cater to customers to ensure you can meet your goals and increase your monetization.

Once you understand the value of product analytics tools, it can make it easier to select the right tools to grow your business. You can have more confidence in making decisions about how you market your products or change their features to become more competitive in the industry as you move from CRM to DevCRM.


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