ARK is one game that revolves around survival. Your success in the game depends on how you survive while facing the dangerous dinosaurs and of course, the other players. Though it is not easy, it is not too difficult as well when you know the right hacks. Today, we are going to share some tested tips and tricks to survive in ARK, even if you are a beginner. Check out the Ark Survival Evolved Hacks below.

Tips and Hints of ARK Survival

1. Collect resources timely

You cannot win this game without the right resources. It is always suggested to keep gathering the resources to ensure you have them around for survival. The most basic and crucial resources are thatch, stones, wood, fiber, and flint. These resources can be collected at different stages while playing the game, for example. You can punch the trees and get the thatch, and pick the stones from the floor anytime. Keep gathering these resources to stay alive.

2. Tools are important

It is very important to use the correct tools when it comes to ARK. Tools are used right from the time of collecting your resources to survive. Also, not just having the tool, but also knowing how to use the tool is equally important. You should know whether to use an axe or a pick to get the wood from a tree. Having tools not only makes your life easy but at the same time improves your chances of survival in the game.

3. Using the engram points wisely

When you go to the upper levels in the game, you start earning a lot of engram points. These points work as your key to unlocking a lot of upgrades and benefits. In this case, it becomes really important to ensure that you use these points very wisely because you have limited points. Do use the points to upgrade your gears first which will help you to stay stronger and survive for a longer time in the game. Not just that, it is also important to keep a count of the engram points you have and accordingly make the decisions when on the field.

4. Kill smaller targets

It is always suggested to target the smaller animals like fish at the beginning of the game and kill them off as they are just easy prey and you can earn enough points by constantly killing them. No doubt, you would feel bad while doing this, but survival is important in the game and for this, you got to do this. You can use the earned points to move ahead in the game and become stronger with better weapons, following which you can move to bigger prey gradually.

5. Prepare your shelter in advance

Nights at ARK are super chilly and it really becomes difficult to survive in the game at night without the right shelter. It is really important for every player to prepare a shelter for him/her in advance to avoid dying due to harsh and cold weather. The shelter should be an ARK survival evolved shelter which should raise the temperature and protect you from the cold weather. There is no compulsion of having 4 walls or a roof here.

6. Avoid building shelters on beaches

When it comes to your shelter, it is important to build it at a spot where you are not easily visible as that makes you much safer. Hence, it is recommended to try and stay away from the beaches which are wide open spaces as much as you can. Also, the best spot to build your shelter is where you have a lot of resources around. This makes it easy to gather all possible resources and become stronger and stronger to survive in the game.

7. Teaming up is the best idea

Nothing is easy in the world when you are alone. As soon as you start playing the game, you should start your search for a tribe where you can relate to ensuring that you join one on time. When you are a part of a tribe, it becomes really easy for you to play and your tribe will also help you survive. This is the best hack one can use in this game to become stronger and stay alive.

Now, keep all the tips and tricks in mind and boost your chances of survival.


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