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7 Movie Maker Tools To Create YouTube Videos


YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms online, and there is a lot of video content available on this platform. This can make it difficult for a single video to stand out on this platform. Hence, video creation for YouTube takes more effort than simply uploading a video. However, it is not impossible to achieve. You can still make it reach many viewers and have high engagement with the right tools.

The key to making your video content stand out and promoting engagement is having an excellent movie maker. While skills play a large role In the video creation process, the tools used can greatly affect the finished product. We have compiled a list below to ensure you use movie makers that enhance your video content:

1. Invideo.io

Invideo.io is an online movie maker that can help you complete video creation in very little time. There are many benefits to choosing this tool. One of the users’ favorite features is the system requirements of the tool. Since Invideo.io is a web application, one does not need to download a large software onto their system. This allows devices with less power to work efficiently. Another favorite feature is the template library. You can choose from more than 5000 pre-made templates for your video. This leaves you to enter the texts and images you want in the video and for Invideo.io to do the rest of the magic. 

You may be thinking that this web application comes with a large fee. While there are paid packages you can choose from, you can work the application for free! This will allow you to hone your skills and gauge whether this tool is right for you. Invideo.io is intent on making the user experience the best it can be. This passion allows them to provide top-notch services for their users, allowing them to create professional-looking video content for their YouTube channel for no cost. These features easily make this application a user favorite.

2. Animoto

This movie-maker tool is an excellent choice too. You can add various media types to your project to create a video geared toward YouTube. The media can be video, image, text, or music. Users love it because of how easy it is to navigate the application. Add your pre-existing media into Animato, and the application will create attractive and attention-grabbing video content for your YouTube platform.

The downside of this amazing movie-maker tool is that you can only take 30 seconds of video for free. This makes it difficult for people with no budget to hone their skills. To go above 30 seconds, you must subscribe to Animoto for 30 USD to create longer and more engaging YouTube videos. Paying the amount will enable you to use the application to its full potential maximizing your video content performance.

3. Kizoa

This web application is certainly a noteworthy competitor. This tool allows you to edit large videos for free with different files. You even get a direct option from the platform to upload it to certain social media applications, including YouTube. This movie maker also offers various trendy and attention-grabbing special effects that promote the engaging ability of the video. Of course, this results in increased performance and video content results.

4. Kaltura

Kaltura is an open-source video-making platform. It means that anyone can improve the application if needed. This allows the movie maker to have extremely high quality. The community can easily answer your queries and doubts about any section of it, making you the best movie maker online. Using Kaltura, you can easily upload your videos, and it offers an extremely simple user interface. The user-friendly UI makes the editing and video-making process a lot easier and takes a lot less time. Due to its open-source, many people fear that the security is loose. However, open source only enhances security. This online video maker has content protection and end-to-end encryption.

The best part about this application is the viewer feedback. You can measure certain metrics that are useful to improve the overall look of your video. Tailoring your video content according to these metrics can heavily increase the engaging ability of your videos, which will, in turn, increase your brand recognition.

5. YouTube Video Editor

YouTube is popularly known as a platform for sharing videos online. While this platform has billions of users and a massive library of video content to choose from, this online application has other features. YouTube has a video editing feature too. You can make changes to your videos right before uploading them. So take your laptop or device out, draft a video, and start editing it! This editor allows you to trim your videos and add eye-catching transitions. However, it is not recommended for heavy editing tasks as it only has a single timeline you can use.

One noteworthy point is that the time taken for this editor for video processing time is extremely short. This makes it convenient for any last-minute changes needed. The feature is also free of cost hence perfect for minor changes.


VEED.IO can be used on any device that can work as a web browser. You can easily carry out your video editing tasks on this application using any device you are comfortable with. Add any number of videos you want to your project and edit them geared to the audience on YouTube for a successful video. This video editor even has an automatic caption generator. Using it will allow you to have flawless subtitles for your video with little to no effort.

7. One True Media

This popular movie maker is free and easy to use but is recommended for those only with light editing work. Using this tool, one can create easy video montages and slideshows. The user-friendly interface is a plus when editing on this online movie maker.


YouTube has a vast library of video content to choose from. However, convincing users to watch your videos will require high-quality editing. The applications mentioned above are movie makers online to help you achieve your desired video results.



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