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What is Meant By “Awaiting Delivery Scan” and Some Other Delivery Statuses?

Awaiting Delivery Scan
Awaiting Delivery Scan

The most frustrating phrases when expecting a package delivery are “Awaiting Delivery Scan” and “Scheduled Delivery Pending”. These updates show your package is currently moving, but something has interrupted its planned route. You’ll end up facing a slight delay, however, it won’t be long.

Here is a brief definition if you’re looking at one of these status updates or you’re a customer who’s such as to this. That way, you’ll know what scheduled delivery and awaiting delivery scanning means, in addition to what your next stage has to be.

What is Meant By “Awaiting Delivery Scan”?

USPS has its own set of delivery statuses. You may see one of these on social media from time to time: awaiting a delivery scan. This status could signify a few things, some better than others.

Your anticipation is that a letter or box has been delivered or has been sent to decide the key of the package. This might occur when the delivery person forgets to clear the package. Other times it can be an issue of the system not following that delivery took place.

This status can also be due to something occurring that prevented the package from being delivered. Maybe there was an issue accessing your residence, so the email carrier missed your box while on their route, or there was an abundance of mail and your package was shunted to the next truck. These factors have prompted many routes to use identical paths and teams to give expedited mail delivery.

What you know, based on the Postal Service, is that your package has been sent out for delivery. Then, something occurred. It can be as simple as forgetting to scan the package during the Christmas season rush or slipping between the cracks or behind other packages besides the drive. Usually, it takes just a few days to eliminate the message indicating that the package is not yet delivered.

What is Meant by “Schedule Delivery Pending”?

As shipping issues continue, the scheduled delivery pending message has become fairly common. It’s an all-purpose term that generally means that your package has been delayed because of unforeseen issues that aren’t the carrier’s fault. Think of it as a note that your carrier has the package and is currently making it delivered, however, a delay has led to a slowdown, and they are unsure how much longer it shall take.

In the past, this was largely weather and natural disaster events or large-scale accidents along major roads. Today, this status could also imply massive supply chain errors at work causing extra delays. The delivery commitment has changed to these types of delays, and the carrier is working to update the status.

USPS SMS Service

If you want to know what to do after your status has changed, start with the USPS FAQ. If possible, sign up and create a notification method redirect Account for carriers like USPS. These alerts and notices (often SMS messages) will let you know if changes occur, and you can sometimes receive even more information.

What Are The Delivery Scans?

Typically, there’s a scan for every package that changes locations and moves. So is scanning when it leaves a location and when it arrives at a processing location. Scans when it is put in a truck and then either dropped off at a processing facility or placed on your porch. Scheduled delivery means there has not yet been any scan at the final point in the shipping process. Awaiting delivery scan means that there has been a nonrecorded scan in the delivery process.

A carrier’s tracking platform can track scans of barcodes, even before all of them received access to constantly track their packages. Now, this same platform provides access to employee statuses and security options for shippers and shoppers. Today’s statuses incorporate automation features so you can be notified by text when there is a change.

Integrating with your carrier networks and portals will allow you to send similar update notifications to your order management tools if you’re on the eCommerce provider side of things. That will allow you to view and track the status of your goods and know their status when your customer contacts you about it. That would help your reputation and improve customer relations.

Some Other Delivery Statuses

When you’re expecting a package, the delivery status can often be the most frustrating part of the process.

In Transit: It means your package is on its way to you but can also leave you feeling perplexed as to where it actually is or when it will arrive.

In transit simply means that your package is en route on a plane, train, ship, or truck and it’s status won’t change until it arrives at its next location and is scanned. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the delivery is taking longer than usual; rather, it just means that the package has not yet been scanned by the carrier at its next stop. Depending on how far away your package was sent from or what kind of transportation option was chosen for shipping, this could take anywhere from one day to several weeks before arriving at your doorstep.

Out for Delivery: It means your postal carrier or local FedEx or UPS driver has the package on their truck or at least is supposed to have it on their truck. This term is one of many delivery statuses that signify the progress of a shipment from its origin to its destination. Customers often track shipments and become anxious when they see a status change to “Out for Delivery.” It typically means that the package will arrive soon, but there’s no guarantee as this designation doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s definitively been put in a driver’s hands.

The Out for Delivery status can also vary among carriers. Some companies may include their trucks as part of this process while others will use third-party couriers who are responsible for delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps.

Delivery Exception: It indicates that the package could not be delivered as planned. If you’ve purchased something online and are tracking its progress, you may have noticed this delivery status listed on your order tracking page. This means that for some reason the package could not be delivered as scheduled and is now delayed.

Knowing what a delivery exception means can help you better understand how to resolve any potential delay issues with your shipment. There are several reasons why a delivery exception might occur, including an undeliverable address, customs clearance delays, or weather-related issues or holidays affecting transit times. In addition, if the shipping carrier encounters difficulties during the delivery process, such as an issue with the recipient’s address or an item being too large for their system to handle, it will also cause a delivery exception status update on your order tracking page.

Delivery Not Attempted: It is the message you will see on your tracking page when a package was out for delivery, but something prevented the driver from completing it. When this happens, it’s important to understand what delivery statuses mean and how to be proactive in getting your package delivered as quickly as possible.

The first thing to do is define what Delivery Not Attempted means. This status usually indicates that there was an issue with the address or access to the delivery location, such as a gate code or lack of parking space. It could also mean that there were items inside the package that needed additional paperwork or clearances before they could be delivered. In any case, it means that while the driver had your parcel in their possession at some point during their route, they were unable to deliver it successfully due to a variety of reasons.

Wrapping Up

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