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Business people using pen,tablet,notebook are planning a marketing plan to improve the quality of their sales in the future.

As a matter of fact, is a site unveiled in early 2021. It claims to allow users to have their online orders sent to their doorstep. However, many netizens wonder if the site is legit. It is the purpose of this article to look at whether Bawsk is all they say it is.

What is – Everything You Need To Know is an online provider that sells fashionable watches and bracelets and facilitates delivery straight to your home so that you can continue wearing them even if it’s not in your home at the moment. There are bargains offered that are just too good not to be really cheap.

They have a number of unique jewelry and item coupons. The fantastic thing about this website is that they guarantee shipping to all parts of Nigeria.

They have an email on their website, which may be fake. mostly sells women’s products, and they are classified by reduced price and recommended for customers. Please note that Bawsk accepts various types of payments.

The Bawsk website enables anyone to order their favorite meal directly from their residence, without needing to drive to a market. Finally, the website stated that you could buy and return products easily. Is Scam or Not?

It should be noted that the site has quite a few significant shortcomings. For starters, the images of the products available at were stolen directly from a web designer’s website. If you use Google image search, you will be aware that the items at were not originally theirs.

Other people are passing off other people s work as their own, thereby giving off cheap imitation. This is enough to doubt their credibility. Another red flag is that the real owners of the jewelry being posted on their website, do not sell these items for the indicated prices.

But perhaps most of all, the absence of a company’s contact information on the website points to fraud. The website neglects to mention a return address or an office location. A company needs to have transparent communication with potential customers to build trust.

Some red Flags of you Need To Know

  • They produce low-quality products, as many of their customers have complained about receiving products that are poorly designed and did not meet their requirements.
  • Another pose of concern concerning this website is its inadequate customer service. They frequently stumble across clients they need to get in touch with.
  • They were unable to send their product to their customers beforehand. Many customers on customer satisfaction rating websites complained about receiving late delivery or lost products in the mail.

Final Thoughts

In this review of, it’s a scam website, and shouldn’t be trusted with your hard-earned cash. Any eCommerce platform should be transparent and respectful of its sales strategies. Thus far, they do not obey the standard practices of the eCommerce industry. The best conclusion is to keep away from


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