Best Apps Every Student Should Use

A smartphone is an essential tool for any student these days. Undergraduates use mobile phones to communicate with each other and entertain themselves. Nevertheless, smartphones can become all-purpose devices for learners if the right applications are installed. In the post below, you will find a selection of the best applications every student should have installed on their smartphones. These apps will help you tackle everyday tasks, do homework, and boost your grades.

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Google Drive

It is one of the most popular services that offer the opportunity to get free cloud storage. Users who create a free Google account can get 15GB of cloud storage. They can upload their files to keep them safe. Also, they can access all their files from different devices. For example, with the help of this application, you can create a paper in college and upload it to the cloud using a shared computer. Then, you can proofread it using your mobile device at any location.

Nevertheless, if you want to deliver academic papers of impeccable quality, it’s advisable to reach professional writers. They will help you proofread your paper to ensure it matches the highest quality standards. If you don’t have a reliable writing service, you must select a platform meticulously. Feel free to read genuine reviews like this one – to keep yourself safe from any services that take students’ money and deliver assignments of poor quality.

Besides, Google Drive has a lot of features that can help you facilitate studying at college. For example, you can create Google docs and grant access to other users so that you will create an online collaborative environment. With the help of files saved in a cloud, you can work with the same documents simultaneously to complete college assignments faster.


If you’re a student who can hardly tackle math assignments, you will find this application extremely helpful. It is one of the most popular math problem-solving apps. Having the Mathway installed on your smartphone, you can grab your smartphone and snap a math problem. Even if handwritten, the app will recognize it and bring a correct solution in a few seconds.

Also, it has an inbuilt chatbot that can help solve math problems. You can enter equations one by one and get solutions instantly. Besides, the application can build graphs and deliver step-by-step solutions. Therefore, you can discover how to resolve different math problems to learn new skills.

Google Calendar

Time management is a crucial skill for students. In most cases, learners must attend lectures, do their homework, work part-time, hang out with friends, do sports, etc. Being limited, they can hardly cope with all the responsibilities on time. Google Calendar is an advanced app that can help make scheduling simple.

For starters, it has an intuitive interface that foresees the ability to create and manage schedules. Also, users can integrate third-party calendars in a few clicks. For example, you can download the schedule of your classes on your smartphone. Using the app, you can view your college and personal calendar simultaneously. It will help you understand if there are any conflicting events in your schedule or a lack of spare time between certain events.

Also, Google Calendar can help you schedule events and invite other people in new clicks. If other people share their calendars, you can access them to set meetings when they have free spots in their schedules.


These days a lot of students can hardly focus on important tasks. Consequently, their performance reduces significantly. Learners frequently get distracted by their smartphones, video games, and entertainment websites. Being unable to complete their assignments on time, students explore the website to find the best services to help undergraduates compose academic papers on time. If you also experience decreased performance issues, you must choose academic writing services wisely. It will help you stay safe from scammers.

Also, you can install the Pomodoro application on your smartphone. The app will help you set 25-minute timers automatically to establish study sessions. During these sessions, it’s forbidden to get distracted. For instance, you will be required to spend 25 minutes doing your homework. Then, you will need short breaks between study sessions to keep working at a high pace for a long time. The app will take care of scheduling.


Students commonly live in shared spaces, purchase products in bulk, and eat out with friends. Splitting all the expenses is always a challenging task. Students need to calculate their bill shares and give certain amounts to each other. However, the app makes it extremely easy to split expenses. It has a dashboard that showcases how much you owe other people and who needs to pay you. Also, it has an in-inbuilt money-transferring feature, so there is no need to use third-party banking apps to send money to your mates.


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