Black Bullet Season 2

Black Bullet Season 2 is a Japanese anime series that has been on the air since January 2018. It is one of the most-watched anime series in recent years and has a huge following.

In this article, we will be giving you an overview of what Black Bullet is about and how it is disrupting the Japanese anime industry.

Black Bullet Season 2, which premiered in January 2018, has been on the air since then and has gained a huge following. This show is one of the most-watched anime series in recent years with a huge fandom.

 Black Bullet Season 2

What is Black Bullet Season 2 and How Does It Work?

Black Bullet Season 2 is a new anime series that will be aired on October 10th. The show is based on the manga written by Yu Aida and follows an assassin who has been tasked with assassinating the most powerful people in the world.

The show is set in a world where humans are nearly extinct and only have one last city left to live in. The protagonist, Shiro, is a member of an elite group of assassins that are tasked with taking down powerful people to ensure humanity’s survival.

Anime fans can expect a lot from this new season as it will introduce new characters, new plots, and more action for its viewers.

 Black Bullet Season 2

Black Bullet Season 2 Storyline:

Rentaro is a high-school student with a troubled past. One day, he comes across a black bullet, which is dangerous and could destroy everything. He decides to use it on his friends to test the bullet’s powers. But what follows is not the expected outcome of Rentaro using the black bullet on his friends.

Rentaro is a nice and pious guy who was falsely convicted of murder. He tried to escape from the prison, but he couldn’t find a way to do so. So, he decided to think of a plan for escaping from the prison.

A retro is a man with a dark past that haunts him every day. Retro had a tough upbringing and he still does not know the existence of his mother. One day, he was arrested for drug dealing, convicted, and sentenced to serve ten years in jail. He kept dreaming of escaping but the nightmare always followed him. But something happened in prison that changed his life forever.

 Black Bullet Season 2

About Production Team of Black Bullet Series:

The production team of Black Bullet Series is trying to make sure that they cover all their bases by releasing a third season by 2019. The 3rd season will be about how to deal with all the different enemies that have been introduced in both seasons and how these enemies are going to affect Japan’s future.

Black Bullet Series is an anime series that has taken over many countries around the world including America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who all have their dubs for this show.

 Black Bullet Season 2


The anime series Black Bullet has a very interesting story. The first season was released in 2015, and the second season was released in 2017. Although the first season had a lot of suspense and action, the second season did not get as much attention as the first one.


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