Change My IP Address Windows 10

How To Change My IP Address Windows 10

How to change my IP address windows 10 is a technique that we might encounter at some point in time. When we...
Pros and cons of Windows 10


Pros and cons of Windows 10 will be the main crux of this article. Windows 10 has been available since late 2014...
Windows 10 Sucks

Why Windows 10 Sucks! Here is a list of 15 Reasons!

Windows 10 sucks is a matter of grave concern with passing the time. Meanwhile, Windows 10 is regularly growing and evolving with...
send videos on discord

How to Send Videos on Discord | How to Share Large Videos in Discord

The point of Discord is to gather up communities of like-minded people to talk, share ideas and have fun together. And this...
parentheses and brackets

How to Use Parentheses and Brackets

How to use parentheses and brackets is a thought that comes into the person's mind while making use of it in a...
Monitor Cables

Different Types of Monitor Cables | Computer Monitor Cable Types: What & How They...

With so many types of cables around one might find it hard to find differences among them all. Mentioned below are the...
Restart Discord

How to Restart Discord

One always wanted to know how to restart Discord. If you find your Discord app being non-reacting, it might be due to...
corona virus helpers

Modes of Expressing Gratitude with Corona Virus Helpers

Covid 19 is a pandemic that took over around the world, causing catastrophic repercussions. Fortunately, during this grave issue, the “Corona virus...
Disposable Camera Pictures

How to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone

In this current era of development, the technological revolution has taken around the globe. It cannot be denied that we all have cameras on...
Charge Your Phone without Electricity

How to Charge Your Phone without Electricity

In this world of the digital revolution, where technology has embedded itself into our daily life chores, a cell phone is a...

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