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How to Fix “Cellular Data Not Working” Error o Iphone?

Cellular Data Not Working

Cellular data not working is a matter of grave concern for iPhone users. Cellular data is essential in case you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. When it stops working, your entire world might freeze, considering how dependent we have become on the internet and its mediums. Most of the people complaining about this problem are the ones who are. When you travel, the network on your iPhone sees various changes, thus not allowing you to connect or failing to read data network or sim card error. If you see a “Could not activate cellular data” error on your iPhone device, you need to apply any of the following methods or use them in sequence so that you get a solution to the error.

Cellular data not working

How to Fix Cellular Data Not Working?

Remedy for the particular issue that could not activate iPhone by following steps:

1. Firstly, turn on cellular data through settings. You need to enable the cellular data on your phone. You can easily find the option to do so in the notification bar.

If the consumer using a previous version of iOS, there’s a chance that the choice is not available in the notifications. In that case, go to the settings. There will be a “Cellular” option appearing in front of you; click on that. In the next step, you have to turn on the cellular data. If you have restricted the cellular data into any application, turn it on since it can be one of the core factors why we are facing the failed-to-read data network or sim card error. 

2. Secondly, by clearing VPN profiles. When you remove your VPN profiles, there are high chances that you can connect back to the internet on the go. Proceed to the general settings of your device and then enter the General option. Out of all the options available, you have to click on the VPN. When the VPN screen opens up, you will find the profiles option. Now you should be clearing all the data on the profiles option. Once you are done, switch off your phone and turn it back on as early as possible. Removing VPN profiles to have a high chance of solving the error “failed to read data network or sim card error” on your iPhone.

3. Third, by resetting network settings. When you reset your network settings, it can eliminate almost any error, let alone the error regarding cellular data not working. Enter the settings of your phone and go to General. All you need to do is click on the Reset option. On the next screen, you will find an opportunity to reset network settings altogether. As you complete the process, you have to shut down your phone for some time again and turn it back on immediately. Resetting network settings is directly connected with the error in cellular data and may very well provide you with the results.

4. Fourth, by filling in APN information. APN is termed an Access Point Name. It provides all the details that your iPhone failed to read data network or sim card error. Unless you have filled in the details, you will always face problems like cellular data not working. Normally, it would be great if you go to the settings and then enter the cellular option. You will see “cellular data options,” tap on it. When the following screen arrives, click on the cellular data network. Now you get the option to reset the APN information. Once you do so, the APN will be back to normal, and there are high chances for cellular data to be fixed.

Cellular data not working

5. The fifth point is by updating carrier settings. To update your career settings, enter the available option in your settings. Now you will get the “About” option somewhere down there, scroll up and tap on that option. The next screen will take some time to arrive. Once it does, you have to click on the update option. There is a high chance that the update option is not available in the first place, but if it is open, you shouldn’t be hesitant to click on it since it can prove vital in solving the error regarding failed-to-read data network or sim card error.

6. The sixth step is to factory reset. If you fail to find the results from the above solutions, you should factory reset your iPhone device. Factory reset will bring everything as it was when you first bought the phone. The cellular data not working might have a lot to do with your actions that have gone wrong & you’re not able to figure it out. When you factory reset, all the errors will be solved independently.

It is often asked among the masses why the error “failed to read data network or sim card error” appears on my phone. In most cases, it will be due to a low network. But if your network is strong and your phone is still showing the error, you should be trying to find a solution, and there are straightforward solutions mentioned above as well.

Best Solution

The best solution to curtail the error of “cellular data not working” would be to reset your network settings but other than that; we can update carrier settings, turn on the cellular data through settings, filling APN information. If none of them works, we may precede to factory reset the device as your last resort.

These errors remaining time is of pivotal importance. Most of the time, it will remain only until your network is weak. Once we enter a zone where the network is strong, the cellular data will work at its average speed, and you can enjoy all the services with the help you want to get in the first place.

Most of the users tend to call customer care to get the solution.  If the issue is more prominent, we might be required to do so. But the error regarding cellular data is not a big deal, and solutions are readily available for such issues.

Wrapping Up

Can this error occur while the iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi connection?  Realistically, this error will occur only when connected to cellular data. WiFi connection has nothing to do with the error “could activate cellular data.” To sum up in order to solve the “Cellular data nor working” error this is a minor issue you can solve quickly on your own or by looking at the solutions we have suggested to you. All these solutions are safe and will not harm your iPhone. This is significantly simple at the same point in time.



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