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Cercube For YouTube: Does It Need Jailbreak?


There are many reasons to download Cercube instead of the App Store. First, Apple does not allow the free version of Cercube on the App Store so you can download it for free here. Secondly, iOS is not as open-source-friendly as Android.

Cercube is the first software that combines all apps in one place and it saves time, money, and effort. These apps have been tweaked with the best features to offer more than Apple’s AppStore. It can be downloaded on any device, so you can use it on your PC or Mac.


Does Cercube Need Jailbreak?

With the arrival of iOS 11, Cercube has decided to revive its old website and take a step ahead. The new website is HTTPS-encrypted and supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But in order to download and install this app on your device, there is no Jailbreak required.

A new way has been introduced to watch videos on your Apple device. It is now much quicker and easier. The app is available in both free and paid versions. Though it may seem a little confusing, you need to install the same application and make sure you tick all the boxes in terms and conditions. Now open Safari on your iOS device.

Once you have downloaded the IPA file, you can now click the “Add +” option located on the right-hand side to add it to your file. Now that you’ve downloaded the app, open it and choose to install it. You’ll then be asked to run the installation process with the help of Cercube Enterprises.


Here are some of the most important features you get with this app for YouTube:

  • You can save and download 4K videos on YouTube using Cercube. It’s not available in all countries but for high-end content such as PC gaming, 4K video is generally a good choice.
  • It is a very useful tool, especially for those struggling to save videos as audio on YouTube. It also offers other options like downloading videos in full or only their audio if you prefer.
  • You can easily manage the downloads available on Cercube. Unlike YouTube, a downloaded video doesn’t expire and you don’t need a login to watch it later. Once you download a video, you can also share it instantly with anyone!
  • The thing you’ll love about this app is how it lets you watch YouTube videos without it distracting you with ads. You can just skip to the next video in the playlist by using this tool.
  • You can enjoy picture-to-picture mode with Cercube, which is difficult to attain on YouTube. However, this feature may become available if enough interest is shown by consumers.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Can we use Cercube on iPhone, Is it legit?

It is completely legal to download files over a data connection using this app on your iPhone. If your device is jailbroken and you don’t want to use a computer, then you can download the application right away.

What are the benefits of using It?

It is the best YouTube app to download audio and videos without ads. There are no watermarks, and you can download videos in 4K resolution. With this app, you’ll never have to deal with YouTube’s ad-ridden interface ever again.

Is Cercube Paid?

No, It’s totally Free to Use.

Ending Notes:

Cercube is a YouTube app that enhances your experience on YouTube by helping you save time and improve your productivity. It provides you with tools to make your life easier as a content creator and provides you with insights into how other people are using the app so that you can create better content in the future.



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