Change My ip Address on My Phone

How to change my ip address on my phone is often discussed among the masses nowadays. Firstly, we need to know what is your IP address means. Not only an IP address but also an Internet Protocol address is a unique series of numbers that contain accurate details about the corresponding device’s current location. When a device, such as a personal computer, smartphone, or router, connects with the internet, it is assigned an IP address or identification code that permits it to communicate with other networks. When you visit a particular website, your device or a gadget gives the website your specified IP address. The IP address comprises details about the country of residence, province, city, and ZIP code of the device for smooth working. This gives the go-ahead to that website to send the information you’re requesting to the correct location.

Change My ip Address on My Phone

Multiple IP Addresses

There are multiple IP addresses mentioned in this article to know how to change my ip address on my phone.

The first one is a Public IP address also referred to as an external IP address, which is the address that is designated to your device. It changes every time we tend to establish a new network connection for the device. This is the technique through which your device communicates with networks outside of your own.

Secondly, Private IP addresses are the ones that cannot be linked with external networks, although a private IP address is what our devices use to link on private networks. For instance, there is a connection between your computer and printer; they use a personal IP address. Every device on the private network is assigned its private IP address.

The third one is a Local IP address like a private IP address, and our local IP address is used with the private networks to connect the desired gadgets. Your router designates a local IP address for each device via the DHCP server.

The fourth is a dynamic IP address generated by a DHCP server; an active IP address is established every time a device connects with the network. This is a temporarily assigned IP address shared with external networks.

Fifth is a Static IP address assigned by a DHCP server and static IP addresses that are usually manually set. This is also termed a fixed IP address or dedicated IP address, and it’s less common than a dynamic IP address. It is also known that the IP Version 4 IP address in IPv4 is an IP address that uses 32 bits in its binary number. It is believed that there is a total of 4 billion available IPv4s.

Sixth is an IP Version 6 IP address in which the successor of IPv4, IPv6, uses 128 bits, so there are more public addresses. This IP address was created mainly because of the limited number of 32-bit IP addresses available.

How to Change My IP Address on My Phone

Changing the IP address on my phone is a technique by which we need to find the desired Wi-Fi settings. This majorly depends on the variant of the phone and the operating system we have. Swipe or tap on the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to and go to the advanced settings. From there, you should find IP settings that you can use to configure a new IP address.

There are five ways to know how to change my IP address on my phone. There are numerous simple ways to change your IP address, which we’ll go over first before diving into device-specific options. The first one is to switch the networks.

1. Switch to a Different Network

The easiest way to change the IP address of your device is to switch to a different network. For example, if you are browsing with your home Wi-Fi connection via  Smartphone, we can turn the Wi-Fi setting into disable mode and also make use of the mobile data. This will change the IP address because in the fact that there is a different one assigned for each network connection.

2. Reset Your Modem Setting

The second one is to reset your modem settings. When we reset the desired modem, this will also reset the IP address. Unplug the modem for some time, at least one minute, plug it back in, and connect as you normally would.

Change My ip Address on My Phone

3. Connect Through VPN

The third one is to connect via the provision of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will keep the public IP address confidential and signal confined to the network that we are connecting at a different location, thus changing the IP address. This only happens if there is an encrypted tunnel, and your ISP won’t even see your activity. Check out options like Tunnel Bear, Express VPN, and Nord VPN.

4. Use a Proxy Server

The fourth one is to make use of a proxy server. Rectify the proxy settings in your web browser settings so that it automatically configures. The Web Proxy (HTTP) setting is suitable for basic web browsing, though you might need more specific locations depending on your needs. Finally, the last one is to contact your internet service provider. Your internet service provider should be able to change your IP address for you.

Wrapping Up

Meanwhile, wondering how to change my ip address on my phone, we also need to know why there is a need to rectify your designated IP address. There might be a certain situation at some point in time where you’ll want to change your IP address. The reasons for this include accessing content online that is otherwise confined to your physical location, for instance, a computer lab or a library. We cannot connect to Wi-Fi and even don’t know the reason behind it. It is better to prevent tracking, and no digital footprint is left behind. The throttling must be avoided by your internet service provider. Encrypt data for increased security and data protection bypass firewalls shield. To curtail and repair an incorrectly configured IP address is of pivotal importance. It is mandatory to make use of a router that is making unusable IP addresses further ahead.


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