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Whether you are working in an IT domain or a non-IT sector, computers are the major players that contribute to the productivity of an individual and the growth of an organization. Advanced hardware components and tech-savvy software pair together to deliver the best performance.

Using computers for handling dozens of tasks in everyday life means dealing with a variety of technical issues. When you encounter any technical glitch that turns down your performance, you can try several do-it-yourself procedures to rectify the problem.

Let’s look at some of the most common computer problems and how we can handle them without contacting tech support.

Most Common Computer Problems Easy Fix

1. Slow Performance

As your computer turns older, you will notice a performance slowdown. You might think it’s normal and that you need to replace any hardware component. In most cases, the operating system is creating the problem, or there may be resource-hungry apps running in the background.

In that case, you need to navigate to the Task Manager or the Activity Monitor to check which apps are consuming CPU resources. Disable or stop all unnecessary apps from bringing your computer to normal working condition. 

2. No Storage Space

If you never take time to clean the hard disk, it will be clogged soon. The hard drive reaching full storage is not a matter of how, but when instead. You should clean your computer’s hard disk regularly by removing data that doesn’t make sense and is no longer required.

As a rule of thumb, your hard drive must contain at least 15% free storage space. Keeping a constant check on system storage and other data is necessary if you want to have enough free disk space, according to a source about this particular issue.

3. Loud Hard Disk Noise

common computer problems

If you hear a loud noise or a grounding sound from the computer, there might be a hardware breakdown. In most cases, the hard drive makes clicking sounds when you turn on your computer. However, it can be the CPU or the laptop fan causing the noise.

On hearing such sounds, the first thing that you should do is turn off the device and turn it on again to check if the problem continues to occur. If yes, you might need to open the cabinet panel to identify the cause. If the fan is creating a problem, dust particles might interrupt the fan’s smooth functioning, so clean it up using a damp cloth.

4. Abrupt Freeze Down

Your computer handles multiple processes seamlessly in the background without you even noticing them. On encountering any software or hardware error, these processes freeze abruptly or stop responding to the commands. If the running process detects any registry error, malware attack, memory shortage, or file corruption, it stops responding.

Running a hardware diagnostics check may help in detecting and rectifying the problem. However, this can result from a virus attack, so install an antivirus app and scan your computer against potential threats.

5. Slow Internet

common computer problems

On finding a slow or no internet connection, check if your device can connect to the WiFi. If not, check if the modem and the router devices are working appropriately. Try to reboot your modem and router, as the connectivity lag can result from conflicts in the existing IP address registration.

Also, check if you can browse the internet on other digital devices using the same WiFi. If yes, you may need to update the internet drivers on your computer. If nothing seems to fix the WiFi connectivity error, try to connect via an Ethernet cable. At last, connect with your internet service provider to discuss the issue.

6. Blue Screen of Death

Have you ever experienced the blue screen of death (BSOD) where your computer screen suddenly turned blue? You are left with no choice than guessing what has happened and how it can be resolved. It is even annoying if you are working on an important presentation and the screen turns blue.

Although the problem can be hardware-related, a simple reboot can fix it temporarily. Once your system starts, run a diagnostics scan to check the reason. You may get an error code in white text, which you can search online to find the complete procedure to fix the error and resume computer functions.


These are some common computer problems that usually occur when using your computers for long hours. If you are working on a Windows computer or a MacBook, turn it off every day when you finish your work. You can keep a number of technical problems at bay by making the most out of the information in this article.


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