content com android browser home

If you are looking for the default browser home page for your Android device, “content://” will be what you’re looking for. This means that when you install an app and it wants to use the default browser home page, you can change it to a different address before it installs. The content:// will redirect your web browser to any other website you choose.

This address is a shortcut to the browser’s home screen, which is usually accessed by tapping on the home button in the bottom-left corner of an Android device’s screen.

content com android browser home

What Is content://

Content:// is a special URL that points to the user’s home screen on Android-based devices. It is similar to a website address but instead of accessing a site located on the Internet, it will bring up the user’s home screen or lock screen.

This URL address acts the same way as a website address, but instead of accessing a site located on the internet, it will bring up the user’s home screen or lock screen in Android-based devices like smartphones and tablets.

Understand In detail:

Let’s first dissect the command and understand it in detail.

  • “Content://” is the absolute file path of a given file. On most operating systems including Windows, this is usually found at the root of your hard disk drive where all the other files are stored such as documents, pictures, music, and movies.
  • Next, you have the “” It may be your default Web browser.
  • The suffix “. home” usually means the home directory of a package and in this case, it means the default browser homepage

Steps To set a homepage on the browser:

There are some steps to set a homepage on the browser by using content://

  • The browser that is already set on your mobile will open.
  • On the right corner of the browser window is a menu option. Three dots on the corner indicate where you can access the menu option.
  • Find the setting tab in the menu option.
  • You have to navigate the option in the settings menu which says Android browser settings.
  • Now, Just Click the option.
  • To do this, open the general settings menu
  • There is an option in the general settings menu that lets you choose your “home page” for the site.
  • You have to type it in every time you want to view a search result or go home page.
  • Things are going well. You’ve successfully changed your home page to the one you want.

My Final Thoughts:

The content:// address was introduced in Android 6 Marshmallow and has been around since then, but its usefulness has only recently been unlocked by developers and users alike.

Android O will introduce a new feature called “Folders” that will allow you to group similar apps together into folders so they are easier to find and manage with this URL address being used as the default folder for all your apps, making it easier than ever to find.


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