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Covid 19 is a pandemic that took over around the world, causing catastrophic repercussions. Fortunately, during this grave issue, the “Corona virus helpers” immensely supported the needy ones 24/7 around the globe. According to a recent survey, approximately 18 million people serve in healthcare in the U.S. More than half are considered front-line workers. During this pandemic, these selfless persons, not only other essential workers, are miraculously putting themselves on the line to save other people’s lives and improve the overall health of community members. Amazingly corona virus helpers are not solely limited to a particular profession. It usually includes health care professionals, researchers, volunteers and teachers, workers of restaurants, supermarket staff, and sanitation workers.

Realistically, healthcare professionals include doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other allied staff involved in giving immediate care to those in critical need, providing life support, and putting their own lives at risk in dealing with COVID-19 patients. They are diligently working on the front lines of this pandemic. Fortunately, researchers are working to determine a vaccine and possible therapies to treat patients with COVID-19 as virus strains are replicating and producing different resistant variants. Moreover, Community volunteers are donating blood to keep the blood banks having ample supplies, donating medical and surgical supplies, making affordable quality masks, and also indulged in online work to tackle up the hurdles during the pandemic.

Amazingly, grocery store workers are also putting themselves at risk by working to make sure that their communities have supplies of daily necessities and food. They have to sanitize grocery stores vigorously and make sure that they are lowering the chance of infection among community members as the footfall of the customers rushing towards the grocery stores was high in the lockdown days to keep a safe stock at home. Immense gratitude to all the teachers who quickly transformed their classrooms to online educational modes, ensuring that they still provide effective teaching and support for their students without any halt in their learning process.

It is often discussed among the masses that we can applaud the corona virus helpers, social workers, and volunteers.

In this article, the first thing that comes to mind is to stay healthy. Teams in all departments throughout the system are working untiringly to take care of our community. The best thing we can do to facilitate them is to stay healthy. Safe practices like good hand hygiene and follow social distancing guidelines and protocols to curb the wave of the virus. It is mandatory to stay at home and only go out when compulsory. It usually includes kids of all ages, including college-age ones like young people, who can unintentionally carry and spread the disease to other higher risk groups.

Secondly, applaud them virtually. Kind support and thanks mean the world to our team, and they can make their day. Send them a virtual message to boost up their morale and confidence. We can also take the help of our little ones to draw a picture, sing a song or create a card. Take a picture of their creation or record a message and post it on different social media platforms with the hashtag “Thank you, Corona virus helpers and volunteers.” It will bring a smile to healthcare team members and give them a welcome moment of respect.

Thirdly, by contributing to the Corona virus relief fund. In response to those seeking a way to give during this time, many organizations have started a Corona virus Relief Fund to assist with much-needed supplies. All donations are collected, but there are plenty of generous donors who have agreed to match all donations. Again, immensely thankful to all the doctors, nurses, technicians, support staff, and paramedic staff. Previously, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world at large has been immensely dependent on the ‘Covid warriors’ or ‘Corona virus helpers.’ Undoubtedly, the amount of sacrifice these people have been making for everyone, it’s only a small token that we show our gratitude to these brave hearts.

Fourthly, it is to take precautions, stay safe and stay healthy. Medical teams of doctors in every nook and corner are working extremely hard to ensure that patients recover from the virus. However, it is our moral duty to try and not add to their load. We need to play our part in this by staying home if feasible. If not, make sure you follow the prescribed guidelines, wear masks and maintain social distancing. It is better to consume a healthy, balanced diet and exercise daily to boost up immunity.

Additionally, we can also thank the corona virus warriors over a video call. Due to the social distancing protocols, it is not safe to personally visit a front-line worker and put the lives of each other at risk. Get on a call with them and tell them that we are always grateful for their efforts in serving us. Only few moments are required to honor them as it will flare up their capability to serve the humanity in a better way ahead. As a gesture of kindness, send a note and flowers showing appreciation. Realistically, it seems to be a simple and effective way to show gratitude to corona virus helpers. Write and send a personal letter to the doctors at our nearby community hospital.

corona virus helpers

Make or order a bouquet. Send them some sweets as a gesture of love and kindness. Think of any creative yet simple ways in which we can say recognition. Even if the pocket allows, donate to a charity to say be grateful to corona virus volunteers. Unfortunately, due to the global economic crisis accompanying the pandemic, many people were laid off from their jobs, or massive deductions were made from their monthly salaries. Indeed, the healthcare workers were also hit by this if we can donate to a charity or relief fund to assist these front-line workers during this crisis.

As previously discussed above in the article, social media platforms are pivotal in showing our appreciation through reviews, blogs, and tweets. Recently, through a check, the Google team made a doodle about this. We can even send a write-up to our local newspaper editor or post a picture on Facebook. These are plenty of methods that will not take up our time and still go a long way in saying thanks to the coronavirus helpers.

As the world continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, recently Google has put up a doodle thanking all coronavirus helpers, including doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, sanitation workers, grocery workers, and emergency services workers, and other supply chain helping in the fight against the crisis.

Google also promoted the efforts of the front-line workers who served in a fight against the pandemic. Additionally, there are numerous social media platforms that celebrate anniversaries of famous people, cultural festivals, and commemorated significant days in a country’s history. These companies alter their themes to mark important occasions.
With communities across the globe being impacted by the coronavirus crisis, people have been coming mutually to help one another fight the pandemic. Take an example of Google who has always adored the volunteers on the front.

The internet search engine massive platform also encouraged users to appreciate the health workers’ efforts in their life with a designated GIF. To put it in a nutshell, we should always respect the front-line responders who devote their utmost to the needy ones anywhere at any time.


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