People can access their Supplemental Security or Social Security Income via Direct Express cards, similar to debit cards. One can use the card to spend or withdraw the money kept in the account. Users would not have to be concerned about the safety of their checks while they’re in the mail or the time and cost required to cash them. 

Additionally, the Treasury department and Comerica, the company that issues it, have agreed to several safeguards. But, what is a direct express card

Here is everything you need to know.

How To Apply For It?

People can apply to get an Express card online at the official website of US Direct Express. Comerica notifies the SSA (Social Security Administration) that someone has opened an account, and they then give Comerica the data necessary to transmit the advantages to the created account.

Make sure to select a safe PIN. This four-digit number will be necessary for numerous dealings. One must always try not to choose a too evident PIN, like DoB or the address’s portion. One must activate the card after they’ve received it.

Is There A Need For A Bank Account To Get It?

No, these cards can be obtained without a bank account, and the benefits of the Supplemental Security and SSI are the only ones in the Direct Express account. This account is not eligible for a credit line or overdraft protection.

How To Use them To Access Money?

There are some ways to use these cards and get free access to SSI and SS benefits. People have three options for cash withdrawals: at an ATM connected to the network of Direct Express, personally at a credit union or a bank bearing the Mastercard logo, or one purchase as cashback.

  • ATM

One free cash withdrawal per month is permitted at an ATM in the Direct Express network. Users can be charged twice if they use an ATM that does not belong to the network. Comerica will charge a fee of 90-cent for any additional withdrawals made in a month. Anyone using an ATM that is not in the network can be assessed a surcharge. Before withdrawing money, they should read the extra fee amount printed on the non-network ATM.

Comerica will deduct $3 in addition to the withdrawal amount from their account if anyone uses an ATM while not within the United States. Once more, people can also be required to compensate for the added surcharge fee if they use an ATM that isn’t a part of the network.

  • Credit Union/ Bank Teller

To make a free cash withdrawal, enter a credit union or bank that bears the Mastercard emblem.

  • Cashback On Purchases

Comerica won’t charge anything, but the retailer might. Find out whether they provide free cash-backs. Remember that some shops might also charge some amount if people pay using their debit cards for products or services.

How To Better Manage Money In These Accounts?

These cards have various beneficial characteristics that could save money, including no overdraft and monthly fees. These conditions were discussed with the Treasury Department, and other debit or prepaid cards might not offer the same benefits.

Here are some more wise suggestions to remember when using these cards:

  • Debit Holds

Debit “blocks”/”holds” occur when a predetermined amount is placed in the account till the entire transaction amount clears. For example, if users pay for gas at the station with the Direct Express card, an excess sum can be kept in the account for approximately three working days. This implies that they can’t use the stored funds unless the transaction is completed.

Using these cards at gas pumps, restaurants, motels, and auto rentals may result in debit holds being placed on the account. One can prevent debit blocks/ holds by paying at a gas station.

  • Alerts for Low Balance 

One can program an email, text message, or phone alert to know when their balance is about to run out.


Understanding the answer to questions like, “what is a direct express card?” is crucial before applying for one. Once you understand all about it, you will be able to use it correctly and save a great deal of money in the process. 


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