discord update failed

Discord update failed application is the name of the software that is supposed to update your Discord account with new features, fixes, and improvements. However, some users claim that this process does not work for them. They often report getting an error message when they try to update their account or just get an error message when they try to install the latest version of the software on their computer.

This article will explain how you can fix these problems and what causes this issue in rare cases. Discord is a popular instant messaging app that allows its users to communicate with each other. Recently, it has been updated and many users have experienced the update failed error.

discord update failed

The Reasons for Discord Update failures:

Discord Update is the latest update for Discord. It was released on September 28, 2018 with a lot of new features. However, it failed to go live for many users due to connection problems.

The most common and normal issue for a Discord update failed could be the internet connection problem. This is because the update requires you to download 50GB of data before it can start working. But as soon as you have your internet connection back, you can start downloading the update again without any issues.

discord update failed

Some Way to Fix it:

If it does not work, check for the internet connection. If the internet connection is stable and the update still refuses to happen, try these methods. Here are the ways to fix the Discord Update Failed:

discord update failed

Running Discord as Administrator:

Discord has recently been updated, and it has been proven to cause major issues for a lot of users. Administrator permissions might be the most viable solution to your problem. Be mindful should you ever install the Update on a Discord process; someone could be accessing your server. This is an uncommon occasion, but you must always remember to be proactive with these security measures. You can check which process runs your Discord application by opening the Task Manager and deactivating those that are running.

Here are the steps:

  • First, you need to download the Discord update failure app from where you can link it with Microsoft Teams.
  • You should be able to update the file just by double clicking. Be warned, you may get a warning popup from Windows asking you if you’re sure about this, but it can also be ignored.
discord update failed

Disabling Windows Defender:

Around the time the Discord update failed, PCs running Windows 10 were having some trouble with a feature called Discord Approval. Antivirus precautions turned this function off and eventually led to glitches. While doing an update for Discord, be sure to deactivate your Windows antivirus program because the update is necessary. Please note that by not following these instructions, you might get a virus or another critical error from your antivirus program which could lead to system instability and security risks.

  • Firstly, either use the Windows + 1 Keyboard shortcut or use the gear icon in the Start menu to have access to the setting program.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Update & Security.
  • Windows Defender can always be completely closed or temporarily closed.
  • Finally, restart Discord as an administrator, and finish the steps outlined above.
  • When the Update succeeds at this stage, something was definitely wrong with Windows Defender.
discord update failed

Temporarily disabling the Virus Protection.

Many viruses and malware can also cause problems with updates. Occasionally, tech support companies advise people to install a trusted antivirus software while they are downloading or updating an application. Antivirus programs are an essential piece of security for your computer. Programs can sometimes hinder or hamper other services, though, so we recommend turning them off when not in use.

Disabling your antivirus software is far easier than you think! There’s an option on Windows, MacOS, & Linux to disable AV while leaving protection in place. You can also temporarily disable it by always running it in ‘silent mode’ so the unwanted alerts won’t bother you.

  • The first step is to determine what you want your AI writer to do. A list of tasks if you want the student to write a “how to” manual, or a software block diagram for your company.
  • When the Task Manager starts up, make sure you’re in the Mode Information button to find out what each mode does.
  • Follow the prompts in the header menu to navigate to a particular tab.
  • Search for programs by pressing on the appropriate option.
  • You can click the “deactivate” button on the lower right corner of the window to turn off the app while you’re still using it.
  • It seems like many people who tried to download or update the newest version of Discord were met with problems, so you should make sure that your antivirus software is off before trying to download it.
discord update failed


This article Concluded that how to fix Discord Update Failed, let’s first understand what Discord means and what causes its failure. Discord is a popular chat app that has a lot of features. It is also one of the most updated apps in the market. However, it seems like the update failed and some users are not able to access their accounts.

Discord is a program that allows people to communicate through voice or text with other people in a group or with friends individually, as well as share files and media with them. The program is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It constantly sends updates and fixes any bug problems instantly without any human intervention.

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