More and more people have started to order things online and the reliability of physical stores has been depleting over the past few years. More and more things are now available to be purchased online and services can be booked online which means that the need for a physical store or the trip that needs to be made to a physical store can be completely eliminated if one chooses to do so. 

In this regard, almost all businesses now have an e-commerce site that enables the delivery of said products to their customers through online shipping solutions – a partner that can enable the shipping of these products in the most effective and efficient of manners. 

It is important to choose the right e-commerce logistics and shipping solutions partner as a poor choice would mean that the customers are unsatisfied and may never return to the company or brand’s e-commerce site. Therefore, there is much to rely on when it comes to shipping solutions and choosing the right logistics handler. 

Importance of a Shipping Solutions Provider

With the advent of the internet and retail technology that has enabled customers to shop from the comfort of their homes, it is now a must for most brands and companies to provide their products to be sold online. Websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba, etc have become something of a phenomenon that cannot be replaced and is expected to grow larger and bigger in the future. 

More and more companies are interested in launching their products online rather than offline because of the rising importance of online sales in the world. Given the state of affairs, it is a testimonial of how many shipping companies have sprouted in the past decade. 

There are so many logistics and shipping companies for a brand or a company to choose but on what basis must one choose the right online shipping solution remains the challenge. Knowing what kind of service one expects to provide to their customer is the key to choosing the right logistics and shipping provider thereby meeting and rising above the expectation of the company’s customers. 

Courier Aggregators – Introduction

Imagine a case where a company needs to ship every single day and each shipment may vary from the other in terms of timeline, destination, size, or payment methodology. 

Not all shipping companies can perform all kinds of logistics and therefore, a company may have to rely on multiple shipping providers that can pick up and deliver goods back to back. Handling multiple couriers and shipping partners can be quite challenging. This is where Courier Aggregators come into the picture. 

A courier aggregator can provide a shipping solution as a whole – a brand can hire an aggregator instead of a shipping company in itself. The Aggregator can provide the right shipping partner for the right scale of items that need to be shipped. 

This means that a company has multiple shipping solutions at its disposal at any time. This improves the deliverability of products, provides one-point communication for all shipping-based requirements, and also enhances customer delight by shipping promptly and in the best possible timeline. 

A company can harvest the best features of all individual shipping companies through an aggregator without having to personally deal with all of the options. 


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