encanto ages

Do you want to know about encanto ages the Encanto character’s ages? So, read this article carefully we have explained about Ecnato characters.

The Encanto family has been through a lot of change over the years. The children have changed, as have their interests. Here is a shortlist of how old each character is, so you can enjoy their adventures with them!

encanto ages

What is Ecanto?

Disney’s Encanto is a new series that follows the story of a family with magical powers. This new family can do anything, but the main focus is on their struggles and what it means to be different in today’s society. The show takes on many topics such as racism, sexism, and bullying.

A musical set in a Catholic school, Encanto, has been stirring up controversy on its release. As the show is set to debut on Broadway this week, questions have arisen about the character’s personal details, especially their ages. Fortunately, the musical’s director Jared Bush has answered these audience questions via Twitter and other social media outlets.

encanto ages

The List the Encanto Character Ages:

The magical house in the mountains in Colombia is a place where there is always time for music and laughter. The film tells the story of a family called Madrigals who live in this magical house. With their mystical powers, they are able to make their house move at will, open doors to anywhere, and create an endless supply of food for themselves.

The Ecanto character’s ages are mentioned below:

  • Abuela Alma – 75 Years Old
  • Antonio – 5 Years Old
  • Julieta – 50 Years Old
  • Pepa – 50 Years
  • Isabela – 21 Years Old
  • Bruno – 50 Years
  • Luisa – 19 Years Old
  • Mirabel – 15 Years Old
  • Dolores – 21 Years Old
  • Agustin – 50 Years
  • Felix – 50 Years Old
  • Camilo – 15 Years Old

There are many people in Encanto who wonder who is the oldest grandchild in the family. It is a question that comes up from time to time because there are two children, Dolors and Isabella, each with two grandchildren of their own.

People Reactions on Encanto Film:

Many fans want to know the Encanto character’s Ages and the differences in ages between the characters. The film was released and people started discussing the characters and their ages on social media pages.

The director’s Twitter page is now a hub for publicity, and social media influencers are tweeting their endorsement of the movie. There are many comments and threads, which you can read online.

Ending Notes:

So, we have successfully discussed the Encanto character’s ages. Encanto is a film that is attracting a lot of attention. The film is about a group of friends who discover the supernatural powers of the land and its inhabitants in an abandoned house in Encanto, Texas. The film has been successful worldwide and has been the reason for many people to start watching films again.


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