Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Facebook videos are extremely popular these days. Over 1.25 billion people view videos on ‘Facebook Watch’ alone every month. Facebook video ads are a great way for marketers to take advantage of this trend. Facebook video ads tend to get more clicks and give markers tons of freedom to portray the brand’s personality. In addition, it allows them to connect emotionally with the audience.

Facebook video ads work like street performers. They are a part of a crowded space but try to catch the viewers’ attention within a few seconds. If they fail to deliver quickly, viewers will keep on moving forward. Getting the views and engagement required on your video ad has to be so good that it cannot be ignored.  

Here is a useful guide that will help you understand the basics of Facebook video ads and tips to create the best video ads that can grab the viewer’s attention immediately.

What Are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads are monetary ad placements that appear on the visitor’s screen in one of the several predetermined locations. Video ads can be created from scratch, or an existing video post can be boosted to fit the ad requirements.

Facebook video ads are of different types. Most of us have seen the in-feed video ads that appear when we scroll through our feed. However, there are various other places where Facebook video ads appear. In-stream video ads appear in the middle of other videos like mini commercials. Facebook marketplace ads appear when a user is shopping on the Facebook marketplace. Facebook story ads are vertical, full-screen ads that appear in the middle of Facebook Stories.

Tips for Better Facebook Video Ads

Now that we understand the different types of Facebook video ads. Let us look at a few tips that will help you create the best video ads. These tips will help you get the best out of the ads for your business.

1. Ensure High-Quality Content from the First Frame

Facebook video ads automatically play in the feed. Once they play, you have just 3 seconds to convince viewers to watch the video further, or else they will continue scrolling. The key is to engage people immediately. Make sure that your viewers are immediately invested in your content. Show what your product/business is all about from the first frame itself.

2. Include a Compelling Offer

There is no use in placing an ad if there is no compelling call-to-action accompanying it. Give your viewers an offer that they cannot resist. Be clear and crisp with the text. Give them an offer so they can respond to the call to action. Make sure to track your ad using UTM codes to understand whether your offer is effective.

3. Keep It Short

Most people tune out quite quickly, so you must convey your message in a short duration. Facebook recommends a video length between 5 and 15 seconds for in-stream video ads. For standalone ads occurring in the News Feed, ads that are 15 seconds or less are considered ideal.

4. Get your Branding in Straightaway

With such short-duration video ads, when is the time to promote the brand? First, you must mention your brand within the first 3 seconds of the ad. According to the Facebook meta-analysis, more likely to remember the brand features in a video ad if the brand name was featured in the first 3 seconds.

5. Make Sure Your Message Gets Across With and Without Sound

Almost 85 per cent of the Facebook videos get viewers with the sound turned off. So your video ad must be able to grab the viewer’s attention without any sound as well. Most Facebook videos play automatically with the sound off. Many users also scroll through their feed in public places where it would be different to hear even if the sound is on. Make sure that you take advantage of this by offering clear stories, bold visuals, and the use of text to convey the important message.

6. Use Bold Graphics

Don’t be modest. Communicate why you are the best product/brand in the market in your field right away. Then, use captivating graphics to convey your message clearly to the viewers. Get graphics to help hook in the viewers as well as helps the audience understand your story better. Graphic text can also be used to reinforce the strong visuals. 

7. Add visual effects

What can make a viewer stop scrolling and watch your video? It works if something stands out graphically and jumps off the screen to catch the viewer’s attention. Visual effects can help command attention within the first few seconds of the video ad. Recent trends that grab the viewer’s attention include sliding transitions, bouncing visuals, and shaking images. The key is to stand out from others.  

8. Animate!

Interesting animations are a great way to command the viewers’ attention. They are easy to understand as well as fun to watch for everyone. Whether you add animations only in the intro or the entire video ad, animations work as a great package for your messaging. Even if a specific viewer is not a fan of animations, the ad style will differ from the general influx of photos and videos seen on Facebook. Animation is a way to take your Facebook video ad a step up from the rest.


To get the best results from your Facebook video ad, the key is to use as many best practices as possible in each video. The more effective practices you incorporate, the better results you will achieve. Take the time to brainstorm ideas, add important elements like graphics and captions, and record. Whatever your video ad may be, the key is to grab the attention of your target audience, hold their attention, and get the message across within 30 seconds at the most.


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