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Best Valley Fighter or Scout Stardew in Stardew Valley

fighter or scout stardew

Are you searching for which one is a better fighter or scout Stardew Valley? This article is for you, Here we will discuss some essential facts about the topic. Stardew Valley offers an entertaining, adventurous game with which you can recreate your grandfather’s old farm with your abilities and talents. One of the skills you need to level up on your farm is combat proficiency, and this skill is useful for several reasons.

Just when picking up your fifth degree in the video game, you are once again left in a predicament as to whether to take within the Scout or the Fighter skill. Which one would you say is better between these two?

The Fighter skill deals more damage, making you Tanky, while the Scout skill might seem like a good pick on paper, but it doesn’t grant much damage and seems to be too RNG.

As a valuable skill and activity on Stardew Valley, fighting is a good way to farm the star status. Depending on its success, your experience also increases each time you defeat a monster. Every time you level, you unlock new qualities or recipes.

However, when you reach level five, you’ll ultimately have to choose which skill you want to focus on between Fighter and Scout. Many players have always been curious about which of these two is more effective because on paper one looks more outstanding than the other, but provides substantially more. Making the right decision is paramount as a means of improving your combat skill sets or rankings.

Fighter Or Scout Stardew Valley – Everything You Want To Know

Scout Profession

If the Fighter is a difficult hitter, then the Scout is a smart hitter. That means that if the Fighter is a Founder Grunt, then the Scout is an Assassin and should be played like one. Choosing the Scout Profession of level 5 will instantly give you this boost.

Critical Hit chance increased by 50 percent. and when you are on level 10, you need to choose between these two specializations:

1. Acrobat

You will get a 50-cooldown reduction in your special moves if you continually perform your weapons’ special moves. If you indulge in constantly performing these moves, then the Acrobat specialization is for you. Otherwise, I recommend using the other specialty.

2. Desperado

All your crucial hits will be deadly. Critical damage has increased by a lot. This means you can one-shot almost everything you encounter in the game if you hit it with a critical strike.


You can deliver some highly critical shots.


  • Scout Profession relies on RNG.
  • You can’t Brute Force some fights.
  • The stats are not exactly the best.


Fighter Profession

The Fighter vocation emphasizes, above all, taking damage while still preventing yourself from getting hit as well. If you decide to take the Fighter profession, you’ll receive the perks listed below immediately:

  • +10% Damage attack on all attacks.
  • +15 HP.

And When you are on level 10, you need to choose between the 2 specializations:

1. Defender

You get a 25 hp increase, which stacks up with your first round of 15 hp to give you a total of 40 hp. Don’t be fooled by this, it’s only an additional 25 hp, which does not amount to much when considering the extra damage from the Brute specialization.

2. Brute

Your initial damage bonus adds 15 to the damage-increase accrual you get from taking that step in the Fighter vocation. This stacks up to your next damage bonus giving you a total of 25 damage increases. Depending on your play style, this is a sound alternative to take in the Fighter profession at level 10. This is one of the main reasons why the Fighter career is considered so promising.


  • As a Fighter, you will tend to do more damage as you increase your HP.
  • You have an easy choice to make at level 10.


  • It’s not the greatest increase.
  • The starting stats at level 5 are quite low.

Which Profession is Best Scout or Fighter? 

Compared to each other, both differ in many ways. One relies more on face-to-face combat, while the other relies on calculated strikes or a Hit and Run kind of Mechanics from the player.

Scout Profession Fighter Profession
On Scout Level 5 Critical strike chance increased by 50%. 10% more damage and +15hp on Fighter level 5.
On Acrobat Level 10 Cooldown on special moves cuts in half.15% more damage on Brute level 10.
Critical Strikes are dead on Desperado level 10. Getting +25hp on Defender Level 10.

Final Thoughts

A player who is aggressive may choose to take the time to focus on the Fighter profession, thanks to its high hit points and rewards. But, if stealth building is her specialty, the Scout profession offers option building and executing a quick kill on an enemy. Which one is best?

Based on the statistics, the best Combat profession in Stardew Valley is the Fighter, because you receive a high consistent damage increase and a little defensive boost. The Scout profession looks good on paper, but that doesn’t change its math, which provides the lowest stats of them all. I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts about which one is a better fighter or scout Stardew Valley.



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