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Tips and Tricks to Efficiently Use Frame by Frame VLC Feature

Frame By Frame Vlc

It is often discussed among the masses about the freely available user-friendly media players, and mostly we come across VLC as an unbeatable media player among its competitors. Despite the competitive advantage not only it plays up files to discs, webcams, and streams but also works with odd codec-encrypted files downloaded from random websites in Eastern Europe. Though, it mostly runs on every platform like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux,  iOS, Unix, and also Android applications. However, one amazing feature of VLC is that it offers Frame by Frame VLC that enables you to play through a video one step at a time.

This indeed can prove to be helpful in capturing snapshots from videos or if one wants to thoroughly go through and examine every frame of that insane BMX bicycle flip jump captured on the personal camera.

Moreover, VLC is a wonderful multimedia player application that can play videos of any format. It can even play odd encrypted files on any device. VLC provides its users a Frame by Frame VLC feature that caters to devices to play through a video one step at once.

There are two basic ways one can diligently use to move one frame ahead at a time:

Shortcut Key:

it usually has simple methods users may use. Whether the video is playing or pausing in the device, the user may get frame by frame VLC feature after pressing a hotkey. Users must press ‘E’ to pause the video while playing. E is considered a default hotkey for the Frame by Frame VLC option. Pressing ‘E’ consistently will lead to an accurate place in the media.

Users may create shortcut options by going to tools setting preferences, and then the user needs to switch the hotkeys tab. going through the Frame on the search result will lead users to go through the options easily.


Advanced Controls: 

If a person wants to see the next frame of his video by using a mouse, one may add a frame-by-frame feature to the edge of VLC.

  • Firstly, go to View and then click on advanced controls to turn it on. Another popup line of player controls will appear.
  • Secondly, play a video with the VLC player and press the last button in the advanced controls to let frame-by-frame VLC play the video.

When you float your mouse cursor on the button, one can surely see the “Frame by frame VLC” information. In addition, if we didn’t see the frame-by-frame button in the advanced control interface, we can go to Tools >Customize Interface to include it.

When a person is watching some quick pace videos like extreme sports and looks forward to changing the video playback from slow to reach every detail exactly. Probably it needs to capture shots of every frame of a movie to create desktop wallpapers. The frame-by-frame VLC feature is considered a great source for scrutinizing a video in step by step.

Furthermore, it’s quite realistic that a VLC media player does not sustain frame-by-frame backward, so there is a technique to play forward one frame at a time with VLC and play videos backward by frame with some other devices.

If you have any issues with the VLC media player frame-by-frame VLC function, you can twist to its best substitute, the VLC 5KPlayer. A VLC 5KPlayer is a frame-by-frame VLC video player with embedded 4K video playback, AirPlay, DLNA stream, and online media download features that you can use to play MP4 MKV AVI videos in milliseconds efficiently.

On the one end, while watching a film, there is always a bit of detail that passes by so quickly that they are lost in the overall look of a scene. Catching the exact moment of appearance can be daunting when using a pause button. VLC media player caters to your problems by adding frame by frame VLC functionality.

Using the frame-by-frame button, you can advance through a scene a single frame at a time by also catching that missed detail without the constant pausing and restarting resulting from the near misses encountered with other media players.

Steps to Adding Frame By Frame VLC Functionality:

Firstly, press the “Start” button on your Windows toolbar and scroll through the program menu until you reach the “Video LAN” program group. Click to open the group and click on “VLC media player” to start the VLC software.

Secondly, enable frame by frame VLC capability by clicking “View” in the top menu and selecting “Advanced Controls” from the pull-down menu. A “Frame by Frame” button appears in the controls section at the bottom of the window above the play and stops controls. The frame-by-frame is the button that resembles a single frame of film.

Third, click “Media” in the main menu at the top of the VLC player, then choose “Open file” to open a file browser displaying your hard drive contents. Browse through your drive until you locate the directory containing the media file you wish to play. Highlight the filename using the mouse, then click the “Open” button to start the file playing.

Fourthly, press the two-barred pause button to pause the video at any point.

Finally, advance to the next frame from the paused frame by pressing the frame by frame VLC button. Press the “Play” button to restart the video at any time.

Additional Tips

Additionally, a video essentially is composed of still images, which are called frames. A normal video has at least 24 frames or images being shown in every second of the video. A video player loads at least 24 images or individual frames on the screen while playing any video to create the fantasy of movement. With improvements in camera technology, now it’s possible to document videos with millions of frames per second.

However, most of the digital videos we come across would almost certainly have a frame rate of 24, 30, 50, or 60 frames per second. Sixty frames/second video would experience a lot smoother than a 24 or 30-fps video because it contains more frames or details. A high frame rate means that a person can play a video in slow motion, and it would still appear smooth as there would be less motion blur compared to a 24 fps video.

However, we can also play a high frames-per-second video in slow motion or frame by frame VLC and may notice that a transition from one frame to another is a lot smoother compared to a low frame-rate video which usually stuck or halts when slowed down. Additionally, by pressing the E key, it will play a video one frame at a time.

If the video is playing, then pressing E will pause the video. You need to press the E shortcut again to load the next frame. Press the E key repeatedly or keep it pressed to play the video in slow motion. 

If we press the spacebar to play the video at normal speeds and come out of the frame-by-frame playback. In order to check the actual frame rate of the currently playing video you can press the Ctrl + J shortcut. It would certainly open the codec information and properties like the frame rate of the currently playing video. However, this shortcut would work only in window mode and not in full-screen mode.

Use of VLC Media Player

Mostly everyone likes to watch movies and TV shows. I feel most of us do enjoy watching movies and videos. But also, not all of us watch everything on TV. Many of us like to watch videos or movies on a desktop or laptop.

If we talk about watching some video on the computer, the VLC media player cannot be unnoticed because this is one of the best video players mostly used. In my view, VLC is the finest media player out there for Windows.

It offers a variety of features that most players lack, like converting audio and video files to any format, streaming or downloading YouTube videos, Recording an Audio or Video, and Recording Your Desktop and Webcam. Capturing screenshots and adding visual effects to the videos seem to be the tip of the iceberg in this technological advancement.

Realistically, if this ever happened to you when you are watching some kind of video, and suddenly you notice something unusual that you weren’t able to see what it really was because it was fast as a flash, you press the rewind button and try to have a look more precisely by rewinding it again and again. Mostly we all have gone through this struggle as we have been there; perhaps there is nothing to get worried about. I feel it’s a blessing that VLC Media Player which offers features like frame by frame VLC.

Frame by Frame VLC feature indeed shows the video frame by frame, which means you see a single frame at a time which in turn helps you to take a look at the details more carefully so that you do not miss out on anything. Things worth knowing are that video can be a complex business and people have often found that the snapshot tool is not always safe enough.

Most of the time, it works well but in other terms, especially on videos created occasionally, are not captured up to the mark and are mostly turbid. Some users have suggested various things worth trying, including turning off the interlacing option or temporarily disabling hardware accelerated decoding.



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