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How to Get Unlimited Free Data For Android?

Free Data For Android

How To Attain Limitless or Unrestricted Internet Access On Any Network. If you are using smartphones or androids then here is the way to use unlimited data on it.

The internet might get unavailable to you if you don’t have mobile data with you. So here we go on the strategy of how you can get Free Data For Android or mobile phones. And here we talk about the present; things that are actually taking place, not about the future that predicts if it might work or might not work.

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How To Get Limitless Data For Free on Android?

Here are some of the techniques to get Free Data For Android; one can opt as per their needs & requirements:

1. Usage of Hotspot

One can use the hotspot option in terms of gaining You can make use of the hotspot which will help you in terms of gaining a way towards Free Data For Android.
So If you have an android device or smartphone & wanted to connect to have unlimited access to internet connectivity you can just turn on this option by:

  1. First directing towards settings on your smart device
  2. Click on the network and internet options
  3. Click on the Hotspot option then click into to wi-fi hotspot in the turning-on position.
  4. Click done.

2. Free Internet for Life

Getting free internet for life is not difficult now; in fact, it’s a few clicks away. Today so many Formations & launches proposing free Wi-Fi service.
People are spending a lot on student packages and unlimited data packages but many are too big. One way is that you can go to coffee shops cafes & restaurants & can avail of free internet service there. But I’m going to elaborate today on that method where you can your public network at home for free without any charges. Yes, it is possible! I’m not even crazy while I’m saying this.

3. Attaining Free Internet at Home

One just doesn’t need to pay hefty amounts for internet packages that cost around $50 or more. There are some tricks you can use while staying at home & garb the facility simply.

Today almost everyone is having smartphones with them & a lot of mobile data goes hand in hand with them.

To attain Free Data For Android, just go to the hotspot option and you now can link your device with many other devices. One can contact your cable provider in your area in this regard(if you have one). Sometimes, free Wi-Fi hotspots are included with your subscription facilities. If you are lucky enough who lives in a city or in an area nearby any of the hotspots, you could actually get your wifi internet connection for free.

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Need free internet?

If one just assumes the monthly price of internet bills that mounts up to 60 dollars it means expenses go around 720 dollars in a year. What I believe is in an era full of inflation where one hardly meets their bread n butter; spending on something that can be availed for free is not worthy enough to do so. You can spend that amount on your food n groceries n so on & so forth. If not, this goes for saving that amount to be used in the future.

Is it legal or justified?

Yes. One can get free internet & it is completely justified or legal as well. There are many sites offering you this service but it’s completely a scam asking you for your vital information which in any case can harm you. So be aware of it.

Acquire Free Internet Connection For Life

Well if you are looking for some illegal ways let me clear you this is not going to serve you. I am here to state those methods which one can avail by keeping intact with your limitations or legal boundaries. If one goes with a promotion internet connection might cost you around $50 but if you look at the bigger picture it’s quite a lot & Discounts can be available at one point in time & might not be available when you’ll be needing it the most.

It has further been categorized into three components which are as follows:
This post is categorized into three sections:

  • Easy tricks for getting free mobile data or public wifi
  • Ways to get free internet from internet service providers
  • Some other useful tricks to get free internet legally

Ways On How To Get Free Data For Android?

Trust me you can do it by availing the advantages of the things you already have

  1. Get Accustomed to this norm
    Many of us are using the internet days & nights & carry out different jobs to pay the internet bills but trust me there is an app named SWAGBUCKS which let you earn enough money that besides paying bills for your internet you can save as well. Just play the video in the background while doing your work; you don’t need to look into the video & you still get paid. One can sign in to this application for free
  2. Answering questions
    Well, there are a lot of surveys that are actually carried out in different categories of the world where they need to have masses opinions & if in your free time you can become a part of that survey they pay you for that. In this case, you don’t need to pay your internet bills out of your pocket & hence the purpose is served as well.
    Survey Junkie & Survey Club are two sources I personally use for this & recommend others as well to go for it.
  3. Get benefits from the maps of Wifi
    Have you ever tried WiFi Map? It is basically the
    database for free Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world. So far it’s best when you are traveling around & want to access free internet.
    This app will restrict you if you go beyond a 2.5-mile radius.
  4. Cut off your extra bills
    In starting try to cut off your extra expenses if you find any inconvenience in doing so can try an app called Trim App which will help you out in your daily expenses to cut off expenses.

Public WiFi no doubt is available at certain points but it’s an open invitation to criminals so it’s better to use a secured one otherwise cyber crimes can increase. There are many ways to do so & some

Use of VPN

  • VPN is an abbreviation of the virtual private network. One simply can connect to the VPN software, then nothing will cost you for web surfing.
  • VPN serves as a shield and safeguards your most considerate data.
  • It offers a coated system of defense in which it has a socket of many security holes, which keeps your data secure while you are browsing.
  • There are many applications that provide you with free & fast internet.
  • Moreover; There are many options by which you can use VPN apps that will assist you to unblock the internet limitations of specific browsing sites.
  • Not only this VPN makes you an anonymous client hiding your real identity.


You need to keep in mind some important facts while doing it and they are as follows:
There should be no balance in your android otherwise it will be consumed when you will start browsing.

Use of Droid VPN

Simply download the app from the Google play store or Palm Store whatever is available in your androids and then proceed by installing it

  • Enlist yourself in the app with your respective details such as email address, username, and password.
  • Go to the setting option, then click on the ‘connection protocol’ and select TCP from the options.
  • Next, permit the HTTP header by connecting the ‘HTTP header’ and then click the done option of the check box from there.
  • Get this link from the settings .wynk.in/X-Online-Host:get.wynk.in/”
  • Then press the OK or done option whatever pops up in your respective androids
  • Unguard Droid VPN app.
  • Choose from the existing connection among them.
  • Click on the connect button

Finally, you are connected to Droid VPN & you can enjoy networking or web surfing as per your requirements & needs.

Use of FLY VPN

The main advantage of FLY VPN is that there is no requirement or limitation to download FLY VPN from an android phone,

  • Starting from settings, Click towards your respective wireless and network and then click on the option VPN from there.
  • Adding a new VPN by tapping the + sign which must be popping up at the top right corner.
  • opt for the name you wish to use.
  • Then you need to add your country’s server address.
  • Choose the ‘PPP encryption (MPEE)’ and then click on the save option.
  • For connecting purposes, click FLYVPN.
  • Sign in with your respective username and password.
  • Click on the connect option

Use of Troid VPN

  • From the google play store Download and install the TROID VPN application and then open it.
  • Choose any permittable server from the application.
  • Select TCP port.
  • Set the Report value that is 443 and the Lport should be 0.
  • Go on opening the advanced settings.
  • Select the option of using a proxy for TCP connectivity and then enter the mentioned below settings.
  • Add the port termed as 3128
  • The proxy host will be either or
  • The host now will be:
  • Save all the above-mentioned settings by clicking on the save button and then connect.
    Use of SKY VPN
  • Download the app from the Palm store or the Google play Store
  • All you need is to have a 3G/4G connection active at this note. So open your mobile internet settings.
  • Then open the SKYVPN apps and click connect.
  • Now you can browse almost everything without any worry or free of cost.

Use of Feat VPN

  • Download and install the FeatVPN app.
  • After launching the app, tap the setup button, and then run it.
  • The app will then run a few tests to confirm the capability of your device with the FEAT VPN.
  • After the accomplishment of all tests successfully, tap the exit.
  • Then tap Tunnels and add a VPN connection by clicking the ADD button.
  • In the configuration settings, click on load and then choose the configuration files you have downloaded before
  • Go back then
  • The server will now be considered a VPN tunnel.
  • Tap the VPN tunnel that you made.
  • Then there will be an effort to a connection.
  • You will be asked to enter the credentials.
  • After entering the credentials, tap OK.
  • Then you will see the VPN status will be displaying connected.
  • Process of Disconnecting From the VPN

The process of discontinuation is very easy if you get active on a VPN it will show the status of the active VPN when you will click that notification you can simply tap & can discontinue it.

A few Methods can also help towards free connectivity among android users Visit Restaurants or Hotels

Almost all restaurants & cafes have internet facilities for their customers to go & avail the option of having one glass of juice or coffee & that’s almost charging you nothing for using unlimited data over there.

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Facebook’s Free Wi-Fi trick

Facebook is having this feature of using free Facebook. One just needs to follow some simple steps that are as follows:
• Install Facebook
• Go to the menu by tapping on three dots in the right corner
• Move to Settings and privacy option then
• Find privacy shortcuts and click on manage your location settings in it.
• Press Find Wi-Fi and allow it.


How Do I Get Free Internet?

There are a few ways to get free internet access. You can look for open Wi-Fi networks in your area or ask friends and family if they have an extra network you can use. You could also look into community programs that offer free internet access, such as those offered by some local libraries and government agencies.

Is Free Internet Real?

Yes, free internet is real. In many countries, there are government-sponsored initiatives that provide free internet access to citizens. Additionally, some companies offer free Wi-Fi hotspots in certain areas. Finally, some organizations may provide free internet access for educational or charitable purposes.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts about how to get free data for android easily. stay connected to enjoy more exciting articles.



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