If you’re looking to sell your iPhone 8 and want to know how much is a used iPhone 8 worth, we can help. We’ll show you the price of an iPhone 8 Plus in different conditions and what it’s worth for its parts. If your phone is broken or has water damage, then you should probably just trade it in with Apple because they will give you the best offer. But if it’s just damaged enough that it can still power on, then there are some other options for selling your old phone that might be more lucrative than trading in at a store!

What is a used iPhone worth?

Sell Your iPhone Find Out How Much Your iPhone is Worth. Yes, iPhone prices will drop. Even if it’s very badly damaged you’re worth at least 70 so better worth selling it if you can’t fix your phone yourself or the cost of repairs would be too high for buying a new model anyway.

Where to sell an old iPhone?

If you have an Apple device that isn’t working properly anymore there are several ways on how to get money from broken iPhones and Macs quickly online without having them repaired first which could save some money as well depending on what kind of problem, they have with their hardware but even more importantly how much time are you willing to put into finding buyers interested in your old devices.

Apple Store

For any issues that can be fixed by replacing parts you will get the highest price at an Apple store for your broken iPhones and Macs if it’s still under warranty or if there is a recall on specific hardware components like batteries, they may just replace them for free even without of warranty products as long as they are not too badly damaged to justify repairing them first which would cost more than buying brand new units anyways. If neither of those applies their prices start lower than what you could ask from private buyers but also include no risk because once your device has been checked in there is usually nothing left to lose so trading in your iPhone with an authorized reseller is always worth trying before you sell broken phones.

Online Trading Sites

These sites usually offer a higher price than resellers or repair shops will give you on the spot but have almost no risk involved for both parties so it might be worth taking some time to check out what they can offer compared to buying new devices in the shop if you want more cash right away without leaving your house, however, there are many scam websites and shady junk buyers offering insanely low prices which makes selling an iPhone online much harder than before when everybody knew better who was willing to pay reasonable prices for used iPhones. Before doing anything make sure that the service is not just trying to get free access into your iCloud account with all of its contents because this happens quite often these days.


Selling iPhones on Craigslist might be worth trying if you are in a hurry but have to meet the buyer who will probably expect an incredibly low price by default so don’t count too much on this one unless your phone is damaged beyond repair and selling it for parts would even give you more money than what they can offer, especially when Apple Store or online trading sites won’t take it because of any significant water damage that could not be easily recognized at first glance which happens quite often with used phones nowadays.


seems like another obvious choice where people usually list their devices once, they want to sell them but keep in mind that fees are calculated based on final sale prices minus all other charges including shipping costs which could be quite high for iPhones that are not in perfect condition especially if they were originally bought online and never used before.


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