How to choose the best email template drag and drop builder

Most email service providers now feature an email editor for generating email campaigns, but few give what an email marketer genuinely needs.

You should use caution while selecting an email editing tool. A drag-and-drop email editor is unquestionably your best bet. Here are some things to check for when selecting the best responsive email editor.

A drag-and-drop email editor is a far superior email campaign tool to basic WYSIWYG editors or straight scripting. 

When compared to the “traditional ways” of something like ThemeForest, the popularity of an online drag-and-drop editor is the combination of dozens of attractive templates AND an easy, drag-and-drop editor to change them straight away. You may select a template and edit it in seconds.

What exactly is an HTML email template builder?

An HTML template builder is a program (email campaign tool ) that allows you to generate reusable HTML files that can then be used to construct email campaigns. There are several advantages to utilizing an HTML email template maker rather than creating the file yourself. 

Among these advantages are the following:

  • It saves you time. Even if you are an HTML email template specialist, manually creating a template requires a significant amount of time and work. Using specialized tools to create an HTML template is significantly faster.
  • It creates more complex and visually appealing templates. Most contemporary HTML email template makers provide a lot of features that will help you make your templates stand out.

What are the most important characteristics to look for in an HTML email template builder?

HTML email template builders have a sizable market. There are solutions for every requirement and every budget. Variety is beneficial until the time comes to make a decision. 

When looking for the finest HTML email template maker for your company, make sure you understand what makes a fantastic tool. To get the most out of your experience with an HTML email template generator, there are a few crucial things you should look for:

  1. A large collection of pre-made templates. If you don’t want to create templates from scratch, you should be able to change and customize pre-made templates.
  1. A picture editor is built-in. While most users prefer to use separate editors to change the visual elements of their email templates, having a built-in picture editor for small modifications is still useful.
  1. A fast preview option is available. Before you utilize your final template to develop an email campaign, you must have a chance to preview what it will look like for the email recipients.
  1. Email client compatibility. For your email campaigns to be effective, the emails contained inside them must be shown appropriately. You want a template builder that works with as many email clients as feasible.
  1. Integration with email service providers is possible (ESPs). When you can import templates directly from your inbox, creating an email campaign becomes easier.
  1. The UI is simple to use and straightforward. You don’t have all day to figure out how everything works. Your life should be made easier by using an HTML email builder.
  1. HTML email output that is high-quality and responsive. Your builder should include a plethora of diverse capabilities to let you realize your craziest HTML email template ideas.
  1. The ability of groups to work together. Teamwork is what makes the dream come true! Look for a builder that allows you to collaborate on templates in real-time.


There are several email campaign tools available online. But now that you know what to look for, you don’t have to test them all. Look for high-quality responsive email layouts, compatibility, usability, and integration features. So, make an informed decision.


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