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How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

How to copy and paste on chromebook is often scrolled on the search engines nowadays. Chromebooks are very multiskilled portable computers.  They have left behind the Chrome OS, which is a lightweight operating system, and in the meanwhile, it has limited functions as compared to macOS, Windows, or Linux; the Chromebook has become more popular over the years. Chromebooks do not embed a lot of storage space as they solely depend on cloud storage for the large chunk of the file data record.

Chromebooks are a very affordable alternative to Windows or Mac. Hotkeys and the commands are significantly different as compared with the ones most people use in macOS and Windows.  One of the important functions of any OS is the ability to transfer information to how to copy and paste on chromebook from one point to another. In this article, we will present you with tips and tricks on how to copy and paste on chromebook in this article.

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

How to copy and paste on chromebook can be achieved by three methods for copying and pasting data on a Chromebook. Each one has the same functions with minor differences, so it’s only a matter of figuring out which one you’re more comfortable with. Hotkeys are of pivotal importance as the keyboard combination that ends up in action on your personal computer. The keyboard combination is that you would use a copy and paste on a Chrome book, for instance CTRL-C. Meanwhile, using this keyboard hotkey combination copies the highlighted text that you select with your trackpad. Additionally, to paste the text that you’ve copied, you’ll use the Hotkeys Ctrl + V on your keyboard.

We can also use a Chrome Browser. If you want to copy a text, then highlight it with the help of your chrome book trackpad.  Further ahead, go to the extreme upper right of your Chrome book browser to the three dots mentioned and click on it with the help of your trackpad. Afterward, move your cursor down to the copy and click, then this copies the highlighted text.  

When you are all prepared to paste the text in order to navigate to the three dots in the very upright of your desired Chrome Browser, proceed to click on the mentioned three dots with the help of your trackpad then, navigate down to Paste and click on it.  That will insert the text you have copied from your desired destination. If you accidentally copy-paste the content in the wrong place, then simply make use of Ctrl+X in order to delete it and re-paste it where it needs to be.

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

A trackpad is also considered a worthy option. Use your desired Chromebook trackpad in order to copy and paste it so that it is also convenient.  In the first step, proceed to highlight the text you need to get copied. Secondly, use the Chromebook’s right-click function to review the drop-down menu. If one is not familiar with how to “right-click” on a Chromebook, then you are left with two options. Initially, you can press down the Alt key on your keypad and, at the same moment, click on your trackpad. Additionally, you can use two fingers to press the trackpad.

Furthermore, click on a menu of commands that appears on the screen in the pop-up alert.  Tap on your Chromebook’s trackpad on the copy command.  This, in turn, copies your desired highlighted text selected area.  Tap in the area you would like to insert your text in and use your desired right-click technique to access the menu bar.  Then, just select the paste option to transfer the text onto your page. 

These options permit you to copy and paste text on your Chromebook.  You have got three choices in the pipeline. We can use hotkeys on your Chromebooks keyboard.  Use the menu bar of your Chrome browser or make use of your Chromebooks trackpad in conjunction with the Alt key.

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

Despite this, there might be a need to copy and paste an image,

not only a text.  That can also be accomplished on a Chromebook. Additionally, to copy and paste a picture, hold your pointer over the image then, press the ALT key on your keyboard.  Next, click your trackpad on your Chrome book while still holding the ALT key down. A box with various options appears on your Chrome books screen. Move your scroller to the point where it says Copy the image and click it with your trackpad.

Moreover, to paste the image, go to your page or document where you would like it to be inserted.  Press down the ALT key button and press down on your Chrome book trackpad, which brings up the box where you’ll scroll to a click on ‘paste to place your image.  

In the meanwhile, while gauging how to copy and paste on chromebook, there might be a scenario that the copy and paste functions have halted its working capability. Some users have categorically said that their copy-and-paste functions have stopped working. The first thing to opt for is that there would be another copy-and-paste method. If your hotkeys are not working, try the trackpad technique.

Next, you can proceed to reset your system’s settings to their defaults. Moreover, open the Chrome browser, click on the three vertical dot menu, select the settings option, and choose the advanced mode. Additionally, select one of the options to restore or Reset Settings with the option in hand to revamp your settings to their original default.



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