Many people are surprised to find dents on their carpet. But it’s not uncommon for dents to happen due to heavy furniture that is left on the carpet for long periods of time. If you want your dented carpet back, there are some quick and easy steps that can help!
Leave dented carpet alone for a few hours. The fibers need time to relax and return to their original state after being compressed by heavy furniture. After several hours, you can pull up on the dented area of your carpet with one hand while holding a flat iron in the other hand. Begin lightly running over the dents until they disappear completely. You may have to do this several times before all dents are removed from your rug or carpeting!

How do you get rid of natural fiber carpet dents?

If dents are just on the surface, you can use a shampoo machine to get rid of them. However, if dents have become embedded into your carpet fibers, then it will be harder to get rid of them.
There are a couple of ways to get dents out of carpet:
Using vinegar and boiling water mixture. The best method would be to turn your iron up as high as possible, then place the steam on top of the dented portion until it has become damp. Next quickly but carefully place a towel over top and press down with all your weight using an old bed sheet underneath will help protect from any potential damage done by this process. Steam should rise once again after doing so remove the towel and allow for the area to dry naturally before applying pressure or vacuuming.

  • Using glue sheets to pull back fibers in dented areas only works if you have very light dents allowing for natural fiber carpets fibers can easily bend backward without breaking.
  • Dried shampoo solution should be left on the dented area overnight and then carefully vacuumed up. The heat from a hairdryer may also help get rid of any excess residue once vacuuming has been completed.
  • You can use iron by placing it over top of lightly dented carpet, however, this will not work great for heavy dents as the weight of your body pressing down onto the iron is all that’s needed to flatten out dirt particles making them harder to remove using an iron. Also using steam or moistened towels with water applied to dents is very effective.
  • Heavy dents – Fill a spray bottle with full-strength white vinegar and spritz it onto the dented areas until they are fully saturated, let sit for about 15 minutes before carefully but firmly place a clean towel over the top of the carpet then press down into dented area using heavy books or old phonebooks to weigh them down overnight. Next vacuum up any residue left behind after doing this step you can use an iron on low heat settings if needed to take out remaining wrinkles from dented areas, however, be sure not to apply direct steam directly on carpets fibers as that may cause damage. Other methods include laying dry shampoo solution (which should go away once vacuuming has been completed) or gluing small pieces of fabric over dents to pull back lifted fibers.



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