How to Kill Yourself

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“How to kill yourself” is also termed as a suicide that clearly states that one wants to end up his or her existence. It is now and then a manner of the masses to get away from pain or misery. Whenever a particular person takes his possession of life, then it is often termed as the person has committed a suicide. In other aspects a suicide is also thought that a person has taken account of his own life rather than that of natural death.
Realistically, it cannot be denied that merely every year approximately 704 400 populace that take their own life and at hand are many more people who try suicide. Realistically, every suicide is a catastrophe that leads to traumatizing repercussions on families, communities and even entire nations.

There are plenty of ways to kill ourselves which extensively varies from one region to another. Around the globe, Asia is deemed as the largest country to face large number of suicide cases. It is differentiated on the basis of physical, chemical or even carried out by an assistance of a firearm.

How to Kill Yourself

In this article the first physical mode committing a suicide is by hanging. However, it is considered as a most widespread way of committing suicide. What happens in this process is that there is a constriction of air passage at the level of neck by suspension of body with the help of some tough material in form of some chain or rope around it, the constricting force being the weight of body as a whole or a part of it. It varies from strangulation by ligature, where neckline is contracted by some outer forces. Very often a suicide deteriorating in other methods may finally opt for hanging. Fatalities are usually pubescent males and females.

Secondly, by killing ourselves with the help of some burning material. In Asian region the suicide by immolation in family environment is much more common in females specifically. These are usually committed inside cooking area or in the lounge area like bedroom or the common television room. Normally, the sources are inflammable fuel like kerosene and gasoline. It has been observed in most of the cases that the victims take a help of piece of cloth or a napkin in order to prevent themselves from scream due to excruciating pain during the process of immolation. Some of the psychologically disturbed people impulsively seek for burning themselves in dispute against some societal prejudice at open communal places. It is often part of the mass media every now and then.

Thirdly, drowning is another factor that can potentially take up one’s life. It is one of a brutal form of blocking air inhalation into the lungs that is mainly due to mouth and nostrils are submerged into water that is certainly a different medium for any human being. As a matter of fact it is undoubtedly a most frequent way of committing a suicide. Suicidal drowning is carried out in those areas that are usually near the coastal lines like sea, rivers, ponds and canals. Some of the techniques that are used in this kind of suicide are that a person intends to tie his hands and legs with some heavy object before subjecting for drowning. Meanwhile, on the other hand the drowning may also be carried out by engulfing a potent toxin, wounding the gullet and many other methods.

Fourthly, fire arm fatalities are a part of certain circumstances of shooting is made available, every so often difference between in the depths of despair, murderous and unintentional shot gun injuries cannot be ruled out. Normally the suicidal gunshot wounds are commonly situated on straightforwardly approachable areas of body like on the forehead temple region, below the mouth or form outside on the base of the chin or near the pericardium. According to a recent survey the source used in order to carry out this offence are usually caused by firearms that people keep for their self defense, these kind of things end up in taking up their own lives in case of some psychological or emotional imbalance.

Fifth technique is by suffocation. As discussed above in the article that in this method the death by the means of preventing the entry of air in the lungs by means of strangling with some tough material around the neck or covering the head with some plastic bag that may curtail the process of inhalation. These kind of suffocating means of death are usually carried out by mentally disturbed individuals who are imprisoned and have no other choices of committing a suicide.

Sixth way of ending up a life is by stabbing and cutting. It requires a lot of gut to stab and cut that may lead to a homicidal case. In this kind of technique the suicidal trauma are commonly found over reachable areas of body. Suicidal wounds are usually cut through but also punctured that also presents a picture of laceration. Take an example of Japan where “Hara-Kiri” is an strange type of ending a life was formally carried out in which the people use to kill themselves by inflicting single incision in the gut region with the help of a sharp knife in the falls in a projectile motion and proceeds in such a manner that it pulls out intestine.

The seventh type of method to end up your life is by jumping from a height. It is considered as a most common method of taking up a life. An effortless fall can lead to a severe impact on the ground or the concrete floor of the building that may cause some serious implications to a human body. According to a recent research carried out stated that usually elder people from old age brackets prefer prioritize this method rather than the youngsters.

Eight is considered as a most brutal way of getting rid of life. It can be termed as by jumping in front of the train or the getting onto the railway track. It usually involves by lying down in front of the oncoming train or by hoping on the train track instantly. The bodies discovered after the incident are completed mashed up.

Ninth mode is via motor vehicle injury. Realistically, in this modern era of development there are high figure of vehicles in every nook and corner. With regard to this, the number of motor vehicle injuries has soared up with time. These are considered as sources of committing suicide as well as there are certain circumstances like domestic fights in family members and illness of depression. Generally in suicidal death by a driver intends for a head on collision with some tough object or a big vehicle, or a pole at a high velocity with no intentions of applying any breaks but also keeping others life on stake too.

Tenth method is committing a suicide by a chemical means. It can be either by accidental and intentional poisoning that is major throughout the world. Suicidal cases of poisoning are common throughout the globe. It can be carried out by taking over dose of some drug, pesticides and some volatile cleaning liquids. These sources can be easily being obtained for the shopping marts and agriculture products outlets.

Eleventh means of bring life to an abrupt end is by ingesting something of the contrary. This is realistically the most common method of engulfing a poison or some other related toxic wheat pills. It usually includes those chemicals which are a part of our daily chores like insecticides, pesticides and even overdoses of medicines may lead to serious consequences.

Twelfth technique is by inoculation of an toxic injection. Usually, the potent substance like poison is injected into intravenous line as it is the fastest way to get rid of life. These kinds of practices are usually high in medical specialist who has a firm grip on injectables. Mainly the sources are barbiturates and other tranquilizer drugs. Take an example of Cleopatra the famous queen who took her own life by getting herself bitten from venomous snake.

Thirteen, the mode is by inhalation of toxic fumes, gases, and smoke. We might often hear of these kinds of news on the mass media that a dead body has been found seated in the vehicle with a pipe going from the exhaust into the passenger section with windows tightly closed.

There is also another miscellaneous method of finishing up your existence is electrocution. The person wraps up a live wire around the wrist or other body parts leading to a slow and agonizing death. Hunger or starvation may cause death if a mentally challenged person refuses to take food and go for a hunger strike.


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