how to make a bubble elevator in minecraft

In this article, we will go through the process of “how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft?” A bubble elevator is a contraption that works by using air pressure to make bubbles rise. This can be done by using a piston or a fan.

Minecraft has some amazing building tools and resources that can help you make your own bubble elevator in the game. Bubble elevators are one of the most popular features in Minecraft. They are used for going up or down without the use of stairs or ladders. They are also used for creating an airlock inside your house so you can go from the outside to the inside without having to walk around on top of your roof.

how to make a bubble elevator in minecraft

About Minecraft’s Bubble Elevators:

In the Minecraft community, there are two different ways to make an elevator. The bubble elevator and the water elevator. The bubble elevator is made with one block of glass and a piston. The water elevator is made with a bucket of water and two vertical slabs of stone. The player will be able to test their elevators in virtual reality before they are implemented in the game itself.

Requirements For making Bubble Elevator:

Before start making bubbles elevator in Minecraft, you need these things which are mentioned below:

  • Soul Sand
  • Glass
  • White Concrete or normal base block
  • Water Bucket
how to make a bubble elevator in minecraft

How to Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

In this section, we will learn the process of “how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft?” Make sure you have a bucket, water, and a bucket of sand. Then find the nearest sandstone block and break it up into smaller pieces using your fist. It will be easier to break them up if you use your fist rather than an ax or shovel.

Next, place the sand on the ground in the shape of an “L” so that there is one block at the end of each side. Fill up your bucket with water and place it in front of one of these “L” shapes so that it touches both blocks on the ground. Place the block on the left-hand side of the “L” shape in the bucket and pour water over it until it is fully wet. Then place a sandstone over it so that you can’t see any of the red sand on top. You should only be able to see a little bit of red at this point, but not much.

how to make a bubble elevator in minecraft

Various types and ideas of elevators In Minecraft:

There are different types and ideas of elevators are mentioned below that you can use to create in Minecraft:

1.Staggered Water Elevator:

A staggered water elevator is a method of elevating water from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir by using small blocks of water that are released from the bottom and then pushed up the sides. In order to move the water, it is first released from the bottom of the reservoir and then moves up through channels in the side walls until it reaches a height where it can flow freely.

2.Single Water Block Elevator:

The Single Water Block Elevator is a single block of water-safe elevators in Minecraft. It is easy to build and makes it possible to create an elevator without having to worry about the need for any cables, wires, or gears.

In Minecraft, you can just put a single water block in the center of the room and build around it. You can make an elevator by simply placing some stairs on either side of the block and then putting a pressure plate at each end.

4.Soul Sand Block Elevator:

The Soul Sand Block Elevator is an efficient method to create an elevator in Minecraft. It is also a late-game method.

The Soul Sand Block Elevator was first introduced in the 1.9 updates and it was also featured on the official website. It is still used today to create elevators in Minecraft as it provides more options than other methods such as hoppers, dispensers, or pistons.

4.Magma Block Version Water Elevator:

The Magma Block Version Water Elevator is a new type of elevator that uses magma blocks to move people. The elevator is used in a new area called the Underworld. The Magma Block Version Water Elevator has been made with lava as the main material and it will be able to carry up to ten people at once and take them down from the top of the world all the way down to its lowest point – ground level.


So, we have successfully discussed “how to make a bubble elevator in Minecraft?” The bubble elevator is an essential part of any Minecraft world. It can be made using different materials such as water, iron, and air. The bubble elevator will help you get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

This process is often tiring and frustrating, as players have to design the elevator one part at a time without being able to see how it will work on the finished product.


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