How To Remove Icons From Desktop Mac

Icons are a common sight on the Mac desktop, but what if you want to remove them? There are many ways to do this. You can use mac’s built-in customization tool or third party software like maccleanmacs. Let’s take a look at how to remove icons from a mac using these methods!

How to Remove Icons from Your Desktop Mac

With the graphical user interface (GUI) on mac, your desktop is playing a prominent role in your everyday computer interactions. Since it’s the most convenient and visible spot for our files – mac users need to know how to remove icons from their mac desktops. This article will walk you through two different methods that allow you to remove items off of mac osx’s dock or mac os x desktop background.
As always, make sure your mac is connected online before attempting this process and that you have all of the required software downloaded onto mac os x (or mac os sierra). This will ensure everything runs smoothly and does not require any additional steps during installation. With that said: let’s get started!

  • Open “System Preferences” on Mac OS X desktop background – click “Dock” from the left side pane menu
  • On the right pane of system preferences, click on the “Dock” tab
  • Uncheck the box next to “Show recent applications in Dock” if it is already checked. This will remove mac os x icons from mac desktop background for all users of Mac screen sharing who are currently logged into your mac machine. If you’d like to only remove mac dock items for yourself – leave this option unchecked and move onto step four below.
  • To disable mac file explorer’s sidebar menu, open Finder app (comes preinstalled with every version of mac)
  • Click on ‘View’ at the top left corner of the Finder window
  • Select “Disable Sidebar” from the view options dropdown list at the top right corner of the finder window – close finder app and wait for mac os x desktop icons to disappear from mac screen.

How to Hide Desktop Icons on a Mac?

The first step towards keeping your computer clean and organized is hiding all those icons that are scattered across your screen. This can be done by navigating through Finder, clicking ‘View’ in the top menu bar and selecting ‘Hide Items’, or pressing Command+Option+H simultaneously. You will see an empty desktop with nothing but the wallpaper visible. However, this also means there won’t be any way for you to get back to any files unless they were already open when you hid them! So if you need quick access again, you will have to unhide the files by making them visible again using Command+Option+H, or going back into ‘View’ and selecting ‘Show All Items’.

How to Clean Up Your Mac Desktop

It’s no secret that a cluttered desktop is not only frustrating but also decreases our productivity. Unfortunately for Mac users, it can be really hard to avoid this from happening in the first place because of how easy it is to add files and folders to our computer screens. In fact, Apple even has an automated feature that puts documents directly on your desktop when you open them! Since many mac users have been struggling with their messy desktops over the years (us included), we wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to clean up mac desktop icons quickly.

  • Drag all icons into a folder
  • Delete redundant or useless items
  • Use stacks instead of piling folders onto each other
    This will help keep mac desktops clean and organized.
  • Organize desktops by category
  • Use a mac dock to keep important items visible
    By following these simple strategies, you will be able to maintain order on your mac desktop for more efficient workflows.


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