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How to Send Videos on Discord?

send videos on discord

The point of Discord is to gather up communities of like-minded people to talk, share ideas and have fun together. And this is not just limited to chatting, but sometimes you will want to share and send videos on discord, including videos.

However, whether it is a compilation of your pristine gaming tenure that you have precisely edited together, a home-created film that you want to share with friends, or just a funny clip that someone has sent you that you want to pass on, here we’ll take you through how to upload the video to discord both on personal computer and mobile, and the likely issues you might face. How to send videos on discord on a personal computer. How to send videos on discord mobile. How to send a discord max file size of More Than 9MB.  Facts and questions about how to upload videos to discord video discord.

send videos on discord

Send Videos on Discord

How to send videos on Discord personal computer. It is pretty simple to send videos on discord or upload videos to discord when using a personal computer, providing they aren’t too large a file size. Firstly, you need to navigate to the channel or private message to forward the video content. Just find the same option on the list of servers you are a member of or move to your message inbox to find the user you want to send it to privately. Once you are at the right point, click on the plus icon that you will see at the top left side of the chatbox at the bottom of the screen where you’d normally type your message.

We will then be required to find the file on your computer and double-click on it. It will then bring up a pop-up alert for the video to add a comment, which will sit above the video. You can also mark it as a valuable spoiler if you share a gaming tip, but you do not want to shatter the story for anyone who has not yet touched that point.

From here. It is as simple as tapping the upload button. Once it is prepared, the video will be in the chat window for anyone on the server to watch or your colleagues if we have sent it privately. And if they want to download it, they will need to click the download button at the top end of the video or created film.

It is a worthy notion that, while Discord will play most video formats, it cannot manage everything. If you upload a Discord design incompatible, it will not show a video player; instead, the file will just be uploaded conveniently. Meanwhile, others can still download it to watch it on their devices.

Also, there is a rigid file limit of 9MB. This is not big; meanwhile, there’s no standard file size for video; it is unlikely to be more than 55 seconds of footage and could be in seconds. If the video we want to upload is more significant than 9MB, carry on reading below to find out how.

send videos on discord

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile?

How to send videos on discord mobile is a simple process send videos on Discord Mobile is way easier than that on both iPhone and Android, but with just a few glitches.

Firstly, we must navigate to the server or inbox to share the video. You can scroll on the ‘Photo Selector’ option directly on the extreme left of the chatbox. This will open in the phone’s gallery, but it will only find out the photos.

By carrying out this process, it will allow you to upload a video from your phone’s Downloads folder directly. To send footage stored elsewhere, click on the Expand option at the top left of the menu bar. This will send you to the phone’s file navigation system, where we can find the video.

Moreover, once we have selected the video, press on the blue send icon to send the video to the chat, again we can add a message as a caption. Still, this time it will just be in the standard message box rather than a dedicated comment box before you hit upload.

How to Send a Max File

How to Send Videos on discord max file size that is More Than 9MB  as stated above, there is a file size limit when we are using a free Discord-created account of just 8MB, which is insufficient. There are specific ways around this, so take your pick from the one that sounds best for you.

send videos on discord

1. First, update Discord Nitro to Upload 100MB. The first option is possibly the easiest, but it is certainly not cost-effective, which is to pay for an upgrade to Discord Nitro. The paid version of Discord has plenty of benefits: the increased file upload size of 150MB. It costs $5 per month or $50 per year; if we are likely to frequently upload videos less than this limit, it might make sense.

2. Trim the unwanted clips in the video with the  Filmora Video Editor. The second option is to take your video and craft it into pieces; sending them one at a time is the best option. It might be time-consuming with Filmora’s Instant Cutter Tool; perhaps it is straightforward. All we need to do is open a video in Filmora by pressing the arrow next to import and then selecting from the ‘Import with Instant Cutter Tool.’

This will take us to the Instant Cutter window, where you can select the click Open File option to add the video. From here, we can trim your files and export them in multiple sections. There are numerous ways to craft this, and while each is a straightforward process, there are still specific steps to follow.

Option three is to edit your video size, which may let us keep the whole video at the cost of some quality. We can also crop the video to trim essential data, as the minimized viewing screen would not be a huge file. We can also reduce the resolution or convert your video to a format that uses fewer data. You’ll need to test it, though, as restoring to some video formats might result in blurry footage.

There are advanced settings available that we can play with, too, such as lessening the frame rate or the bit rate; rather than going through all of those necessary options available., it is convenient to head to a post dedicated to these steps about compress videos with Filmora.

3. Thirdly, upload to Youtube/Vimeo/Google Drive/Dropbox, etc. The last option is to link your video to an online player or storage site and link it rather than having Discord host the file. YouTube and Vimeo are some of the best options, but Streamable is another popular choice with a free membership. YouTube’s maximum video uploads are 128 gigabytes, which is enormous, while other sites like Streamable cap free accounts to 600MB per video.

If we intend to upload massive files, we must decide whether to choose YouTube or pay for an upgraded membership elsewhere. Once you host your video, grab the link and paste it into Discord to share your content once it’s online.

The only demerit related to this option is that it stops other users from downloading the video directly. We must look at a file-sharing alternative such as Dropbox if you want to send the actual file.

How to Upload Video to Discord?

The reality is About uploading videos to discord. We can send any file type to another user on Discord to download and watch it on their device. But if we want to upload a video so that Discord embeds it efficiently and adequately makes it playable within the chat, we are confined to only mp4 and WebM files. You can also proceed to MOV files, but not everyone will play them quickly; the FLAC files are converted on desktop but not mobile. It is often inquired how we can upload saved videos on discord. If we find a video on the conflict that we want to share on different server types or in a private domain, we can use the download icon to save it. Then, follow the earlier steps to upload the video on the server or DM chat window where we want to share it.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly learn important facts about sending videos on discord. stay connected for more exciting articles.



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