how to know if you're shadowbanned on tiktok

Video content is everywhere these days, and tiktok is one of the most popular apps for making videos. So, if you’re looking to slow down tiktok videos on your phone, we’ve got some tips for you!
There are a few ways to slow tiktok videos:

  • Adjusting the playback speed using the settings in tiktok. This will change how long it takes for each video to play and can be adjusted by tapping “Settings” then “Playback Speed.” You can adjust between 1x (no change), 0.5x, or 0.25x speed with this feature.
  • Opening TikTok’s video player in YouTube instead of tiktok itself. When you watch tiktok videos on YouTube, they’re played at a slower speed than their original tiktok format.
  • Downloading the video from tiktok and watching it offline or on your laptop/desktop computer instead of through TikTok’s mobile app. This is one way to slow down TikTok if none of the other methods work for you! (Yes, this involves deleting tiktok off your phone!) You can download any tiktok content by pressing and holding the video until an option opens up that says “Download.” Selecting this will allow you to save it onto your device so that when viewing post information such as view count, likes, etc.,

How do I slow tiktok video on an iPhone?

First open the TikTok app. Then tap “Camera” in the bottom left corner of your screen. Next, select one or multiple tiktok that you want to slow tiktok video. Finally, press record! After you’ve finished recording, go back into the camera mode by pressing “Edit” at any point during this process – swipe right until it says “camera” again. Tap “edit” next to each clip that has been slowed down for the tiktok video. Now you’ll be able to slow tiktok the tiktok down by sliding your finger up or down on its clip! You can slow tiktok a tiktok video multiple times, but remember that it will have less time at each speed level than if you had not slowed tiktok the tiktok already.
Every second that passes in the original video equals 30 seconds when played back on your phone screen, which means if you want to watch one minute of an original video with only half its length playing time for playback, then you need to set it four times slower (i.e., 120 x 60 = 720).

How do you make professional Tik Toks?

If you are using tiktok to make videos, it is good practice to slow down tiktok. However, tiktok videos play at a faster speed than usual unless they’re slowed down. Without the tiktok slowdown, the videos are not professional-looking.
Here is how you can make tik tiktok without slowing them down yourself:

  • Simply type “tutorial” into the top search bar of your tiktok app
  • Choose a video from one of our tutorials on TikTok Slow Down. We have many videos for every skill level!
  • After watching it once or twice, try making your own tiktok after following along with us! You will be surprised at how easy it really is.


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