idle mean on discord

Idle mean on discord servers, refer to discord users who are idling because they are away from the keyboard.

This is often considered bad etiquette by discord server owners because it causes discord servers to look inactive or abandoned. Adding a discord user as a friend allows you to see when that person comes online and goes idle. This gives you the ability to reach out and invite them back, or question why they are idle.

Idleness can also cause discord servers to look abandoned because discord users who are idling for lengthy periods of time will often be seen as users with no sense of responsibility. As a discord server moderator, it is your job to keep an eye on the discord server when it is vacant. This task can often feel repetitive and tedious, so discord server moderators tend to be more lenient with discord users who are active throughout the day.

Many discord servers discourage idleness because doing so makes discord appear as a less social network. Discord has been widely criticized for being a social network that does not have enough user engagement. The discord community as a whole contributes to discord servers because discord servers are social hubs where users can make friends and meet up. This is great for discord, but discord servers will only grow larger if discord users stay active rather than going idle.

Idle discord users draw a distinction between different types of discord server owners by imposing negative burdens on the people who are working harder than them. Discord server moderation is a thankless job. Being a discord server owner means you have to deal with discord users who are being disruptive, discord bots that break the rules, and discord bots that go idle for long periods of time.

How long is discord idle?

When you are idle discord will show messages that indicate how long ago you were active. discord will also send messages when you are online to let all the discord users know that you are still there. This is so everyone knows your status but is not being spammed by sending messages constantly.

If discord does not receive any messages through the client, discord will continue to send notifications of inactivity until it’s updated next time discord receives a message.

discord has two main statuses “Active” and “Idle”. If your discord app is open then you are active otherwise if discord is running but closed then it’s considered Idle. ​

There are different time limits for these times which depend on the discord servers settings however usually they’re set to 5 minutes idle and 10 minutes active.

Discord’s idle status is fully customizable meaning discord will let you set how long discord has to be inactive before discord says your idle, as well as how many notifications discord should send when discord receives a message during that time.

How do I make Discord not idle?

Go to your discord profile and tap “Set Status” then tap the last option. There will be a few choices for status, go down to Idle and deselect it. Now discord won’t think you are idle!

*(if idle is selected discord thinks you are idle)

***idling in discord is when discord thinks you aren’t doing anything on your computer- making discord think you aren’t online. When discord thinks you aren’t online it takes away some features like typing notifications or sharing files. If discord thinks you are not there (offline) it will not notify you of any discord pings (chat notifications) or discord mentions (if somebody directly messaged you).

idling is different for discord on mobile devices. discord will not think you are idle if your mobile device screen has timed out to sleep- discord will continue sending chat notifications and discord ping notifications. If you don’t want discord thinking that way, go to discord settings and change the ‘Power Usage’ setting under the mobile tab. Idle time can be set anywhere from thirty minutes to five hours depending on how long the screen times out on your phone/tablet before it goes into sleep mode.



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