instagram couldn t load activity

Instagram users are getting an Instagram couldn’t load activity error when trying to refresh on the activity page. This error is frustrating for many Instagram users and it’s not clear what’s going on.

This issue seems to be affecting people who were using Instagram on their mobile devices and also those who were using desktop computers. The issue seems to be happening more often than it did before, so if you’re one of the people experiencing this issue, let us know in the comments below!

The “Couldn’t refresh feed” error has been around for a while now, but it seems like it’s becoming more frequent lately. It can happen at any time during the day or night, and sometimes even when you’re just browsing your feed.

instagram couldn t load activity

What Is the Solution to Instagram Activity feed down the issue?

Instagram recently launched a beta version of their app, which unfortunately was not compatible with the current version. The beta version app can be uninstalled and reinstalled to fix the issue.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Instagram is experiencing a bug that causes the Activity feed to refresh after a few seconds. The Instagram Activity feed is not refreshing on its own and users are reporting that they cannot get a full view of their feeds.

How to fix Instagram couldn’t load activity Error?

Instagram activity is not loading on some phones. The issue is even reported on all different phones in the Activity section. This problem has been reported to Instagram’s tech team and they are working to fix it as soon as possible. This issue was first seen around 9 a.m. EST on Wednesday, January 17th and has been happening for about an hour now.

I have experienced this issue myself where I am unable to load my activity in the Activity section of Instagram, which I use every day as part of my work routine.

instagram couldn t load activity

Uninstall any third-party app:

If you are using any third-party app for tracking Instagram activity like many apps do track list of people who are following you.

If you are using a third-party app for tracking Instagram activity like many apps do track list of people who are following you. But there is one major problem with this method – it doesn’t work when Instagram isn’t loading your activity data properly.

Avoid Spam:

Instagram has been experiencing a lot of spam problems recently, which is why Instagram has introduced new guidelines for its users.

Instagram users have a lot of freedom to use the app as they please, but some are using the freedom too much. Some users use so many hashtags and tags that they create a mess for other people and make it hard for them to find what they want. Some even report other users as spam, which can lead to their accounts being banned.

instagram couldn t load activity

Switch Account Type:

If Instagram Activity is loading for you then Switch your account from persona. If you have a persona on Instagram, it is possible that the activity is not loading. In this case, switch to the normal account and try again. In this case, Instagram is loading for you because it’s not a private account.

Switch to a different Account:

Instagram has been struggling with the issue of activity loading for quite some time now. The problem is that the activity loading feature is not working on all devices and Instagram accounts at the same time, which means that if you’re trying to see what your followers are up to on Instagram, you might be waiting for quite some time before it loads.

However, there’s another workaround to fix this issue. If you have more than one account on Instagram-> log into second account -> like the post from your other account.

Log out and reinstall the app:

I was trying to log in to Instagram and it said I couldn’t because my activity had been deleted. I tried reinstalling the app, but that didn’t work either. I had to delete the app and then reinstall it.

I am glad that this is not a common occurrence, but sometimes this happens for no apparent reason. It’s best not to panic if you are trying to log in and it doesn’t go through, just try deleting the app and reinstalling it again.

instagram couldn t load activity

Final Notes:

Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform with over 500 million monthly active users. The Activity Feed tab, which is the last tab on Instagram, is where one can scroll through what people liked.

The Instagram couldn’t load activity has been experiencing a lot of issues lately, where it would not load at all or sometimes refresh but only show a blank screen. This has led to a lot of confusion and frustration among users who were unable to see what their friends liked on Instagram.

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