iPhone hacks Without a JailBreak

IPhone is a gadget that is now considered a necessity in every nook and corner. Amazingly, it has taken over the consumer market at a skyrocketing speed within the last two decades. When we discuss customizing iPhones, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to use the jailbreak. However, carrying out iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak allows us to alter the application icons, interface modes, lock screen, home screen menu, and a lot more things that we can imagine.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that jailbreaking mechanism not only opens the door to endless modifications but also it makes it possible to tailor the iPhone to some extent without the assistance of jailbreaker.

In this article, we will discuss to opt for certain parameters by which we can alter iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak. The following tips and tricks are mentioned ahead.


Parameters of Tailoring an iPhone hacks Without a JailBreak

iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak

First Step

Firstly, to cover the application icon labels. What we need to do is to go to the settings, then click on the general, view accessibility then reduce motion and toggle it on. Now from the accessibility toolbar move ahead to increase the contract and turn on darken colors. Finally, we have to cover the application icon labels by taking benefit of a bug that is present in iOS 10. To put it in a nutshell, open control center then swipe up control center such that it moves to the middle of the screen. Keep on pressing the fingers on the screens. Double press the home button to open the application termed a switcher.

Now return to the home screen and it can be noticed that the application icon labels in the dock has eventually disappeared. Now scroll the next four apps into the dock and go over the same process mentioned above to hide their labels. Carry out this process repeatedly until we have all the application icon labels hidden.

iPhone hacks Without a JailBreak 1

Second Step

Secondly, iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak can also be done by covering up the status bar as discussed in the previous section. Though, it can be accomplished by hiding the status bar which usually involves using a fault in IOS 10. Therefore, this process is not last, as the status bar will re-emerge when the application is opened. It usually starts by double clicking the home button to open the Application switcher. Then press and hold the sleep/wake button unless and until a pop-up alert of ‘slide to power off’ coming on the screen. In the end double press the home button to jump to the Home screen. Eventually, we will come to notice that the status bar has finally disappeared.

Third Step

Thirdly, iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak can be done by hiding the dock and folder blurs as it seems as a viable option. In the beginning download and save the wallpaper on the iPhone. Now open the photos application and move to the Camera Roll. Then open the wallpaper that we have just saved as discussed above. It will be black in color. Moreover, set it as the home screen wallpaper on the iPhone. In order to do so, click on the share button and choose the option use as s wallpaper and set it as a home Screen. In the end, move to the home screen and see that the dock and folder are no longer blurred backgrounds.

Fourth Step

Fourthly, apply the theme to the application logo. In the beginning open Safari on the iPhone.

As a reference link (iskin.tooliphone.net) this can be used to download some authentic data required. Over here we can find a huge variety of themes that can be installed on the iPhone. The theme that is being used over here is known as Neon V2. Scroll and search it out in the provided options bar. Download the ‘Install theme’ section and tap on the application icons. A list of variables opens up with available themed icons in a demonstration. Select all the apps that you wish to theme by tapping on them. If we desire to hide the application icon labels just tap on the X button very next to a selected application’s name. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on generate theme.

As a matter of fact, it will move to the profile installation page. Click on the install option. To sum up, go to the home screen and ultimately find the themed icons added to the phone’s home screen. Organize them in such a manner that they are all positioned collectively.

iPhone hacks Without a JailBreak 2

Final Step

Finally in the last parameter, the main crux is to set up the home screen arrangement and the wallpaper. Realistically, in the home screen setup what we discussed in the paragraph above is that we will see the screenshot that involves using a blank icon which will leave a vacant space at the top of the screen. It is of pivotal importance to keep in mind that by altering the wallpaper, the dock, and the folder the blurs will still reappear. Though, download and save the home screen wallpaper from here onto your iPhone. Set the downloaded wallpaper as your Lock screen and Home screen wallpaper. On the one hand, we have to attach blank icons to the top of the home screen in order to disclose the segment of the wallpaper that says “Dream”. While on the other hand, move to the home screen and tap to hold the application icon until it starts wiggling. Swipe over to an empty page and take a screenshot. Additionally, open Safari and move to the option of (iempty.tooliphone.net).

Click on the ‘Create blank icons’ and then Choose File > Photo Library. Afterward, select the screenshot that we took previously. The photo is uploaded and the blank icons are created, scroll down the page and look at the preview of the home screen with blank icons on the display. Furthermore, click on the blank icon labeled (1×1).

Tap on the share button and choose ‘Add to Home screen’. Moreover, tap on Add and it will certainly be added on the home screen. Now position the blank icon in its authentic position, as we discussed before to preview the home screen. In a nutshell, go over the above process for the remaining blank icons unless and until all are added in the first two rows.

Wrapping Up

These are all the worthy parameters that can set a benchmark in conducting this process of customization on the iPhone Hacks Without a JailBreak.


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