Is your tutoring business blowing up? How Tutor Management Software Can Help

The Covid 19 pandemic disrupted learning among students in every part of the world; however, entrepreneurial tutors rushed to save the day. And during the last year, tutoring has become a side hustle and a full-time business for many investors. And this year, some companies have launched highly profitable tutoring enterprises while others continue to do it as a part-time job. 

However, no matter how small or big your tutoring business is, at some point, you will need Tutor with Pearl, a tutor management software to help you manage your tutoring enterprise. This article examines how tutor management software can help you move to the next level of your tutoring business.

Manages Your Clogged Inbox

Your tutoring enterprise must maintain a steady flow of information to maintain professionalism and the business’s reputation. Therefore, if you have trouble keeping track of clients’ emails, it’s time to think of a better way. The tutoring business management software helps you organize your business messages to better track every conversation.

You Can’t-miss Appointments with Students

Every time a learner misses a tutoring session, that becomes a loss to your business. However, you can have the policy to charge for the missed sessions; it could cover the costs but would lead to frustrations among learners. The best solution to this can be installing a built-in reminder system that helps you, the student, and the guardian to stay on schedule. Tutor management software lets you view, manage appointments, and send calendar reminders to learners about upcoming sessions.

The Software Helps in Payment Management

Tutoring business software effectively manages accounting information essential for tax purposes. You also don’t have to worry about cash payments or checks; the software can effectively manage credit card payments for tutoring sessions. The system is easy to use, offering various storefront payment management features.

It helps You Track Students’ Progress.

Learning is a financial investment for learners, and at times the students may want to know how effective their tutoring sessions are; a convenient way to keep them aware is through progress tracking

When students check out their learning progress, they can better ascertain the value of your tutoring sessions to their lives and will better appreciate your services. Progress tracking also shows their return on investment, making them even more likely to stick to your services.

There Are More Virtual Classroom Features

Many tutoring enterprises rely on common video conferencing platforms only meant for educational purposes. However, tutor management software allows you to access more features that improve your learners’ interest and convenience. The software has more interesting video conferencing features with screen sharing and whiteboards, all conveniently accessible through the dashboard.

Ability to Review Lessons

Both learners and tutors love to record the lesson sessions for later reference. The students can review their learning materials to clarify concepts that maybe they didn’t capture well during the session. Sessions recording also enables tutors to review the lesson and advise students on the areas they should pay close attention to.


Tutoring business management software benefits learners and tutors by enabling the tutoring enterprise to manage clogged inboxes that make it difficult to track every conversation. There are also scheduling features, student appointment reminders, and student progress tracking. The software has more virtual classroom features and allows learners and tutors to record sessions for later reviewing.


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