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The fashion industry relates to the daily routine use of garments, footwear, and accessories. American Fashion industry’s history revolves around the development of these daily routines uses of Garments to shoes. There are two major fashion industries that have ruled the world since its birth, one is European and American Fashion. These two continents of the world are making trend-based analytical growth to the industry which starts from Photoshoot to Entertainment Screen or any other medium like WEB.

The current scenario in the Fashion industry is headed by individual designers making this firm as a whole under the brand. Fashion World also had branches like any other business aspect. Models use their bodies to exhibit the promotion of the products in photoshoots for creative fashion designs. The second type, on the contrary, is called Glamour Modeling where the pieces of clothes are one of the products exhibited and also the human body is being treated as a product itself.

Jennifer Walcott

In the early 20s, Fashion Magazines have started to include pictures of dresses and also the inclusion of models for their brand and it turned around the fashion models. In the glamour world, there are many personalities that had marked their name and one of them is Jennifer Walcott. She had featured in many Music Videos and is also famous for her acting. Nowadays she is married to a famous football player and living a life as a housewife.

There was an era when people started to develop this industry through cultures and tailored-made garments took the place of unstitched garments.

The Famous Glamour Diva Jennifer Walcott(model, actress, dancer, cheerleader) attracted the male audience to herself whenever she had an appearance on the front page of the Hot magazines/event or any screen.

Her sexy appearance and beautiful figure allowed her to become the top model in the erotic modeling world

In American Glamour word, One name that started to shine was Jennifer Walcott. Who was born on 8th May 1977, Youngstown, OHIO? She had 3 siblings in her family. Walcott’s family consists of an older sister and 2 younger brothers. 

Even she had the citizenship of the United States of America, but by blood, Jennifer Walcott is a representative of other nations including Irish, Italians, and polish.

Since childhood she wants to become a veterinarian, this is due to the reason that she had many pets at her home. She loves to dance and before becoming the famous model she was into the dance and cheerleading squad.

her body physics is such that Jennifer Walcott stands at the Hight of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 48 kg. Her body measurements are        31-24-31 inches.

Walcott belongs to the white group of ethnicities and is a true follower of the Christian religion in spirit. Her zodiac sign is Taurus, which shows reliability, patience, devotion, and a sense of responsibility and reliability in her personality.

She started her career as a cheerleader and was very famous in the school due to her activities including modeling dancing and acting.

Jennifer Walcott attended Wilson High School in Youngstown, OHIO. She graduated in 1995 from Lowellville High School, she first time visited Los Angles in 1996, when she was about 19years old, and found this place very attractive. She finally decided to move there and shifted to Los Angeles. The initial years after shifting she had tough days. Also taking business classes while doing two jobs a day for making her earnings.

There was a gap of a year when she shifted to Chicago where her grandmother lived and was very ill. After her death, she came back to Los Angles. This shows that being a kid she had spent the last days of her grandmother with her and took care of her with great concern. It shows that Jennifer Walcott had how much the family values in her.

After she returned she decided to become a model as a career, which was accidentally happened in her life. Working as a makeup artist in a playboy party she was a natural beauty with an attractive figure and innocent face spotted by a photographer and was offered for a shoot which she accepted. After that shoot, chosen for the best playmate in Aug 2001 on the issue of playboy.

Preceding this she had launched her website right after the success begins and appeared in many playboy magazines. Major achievement includes that she was selected by Carmen Electra to model for her celebrity guest photoshoot for the magazine. She appeared in many famous magazines including, American Curves, Moves, Muscles, Hers, Iron man, etc.

Besides the magazine appearance Jenifer Walcott worked in Music Videos one of the famous musicians Mark Anthony and Justin Timberlake, these names don’t require any intro in the American Music industry.

Her work for the entertainment industry doesn’t confine to the Music Videos, her work in the films also makes her a successful actress, the pool boys, American Pie presents the band camp are the movies seen by almost every young adult in America.

In continuation, Jennifer Walcott appeared in many Famous TV shows including MTV Cribs, Street Smart, and Entertainment tonight. There are a lot more in the list which cannot be named like the list is quite long.

As Mentioned above Jennifer Walcott married a former football player named Adam Archuleta. The Story behind the connection of this couple is very simple. They met at a party in Los Angeles in the year 2005 where both were invited by a mutual friend and had a connection /love bond developed at first sight.

Soon after that, they had to start to date each other. While dating their love Bond starting to become sound and it took almost five years that they announced their marriage.

The marriage ceremony was attended by their close relatives and friends. After the marriage, they went to the Maldives for a honeymoon. It was worth mentioning here that they gave birth to a son before the couple gets married.

It was her appearance on the cover of Holistic Health Magazine which makes her famous during her first pregnancy. She explained that she had chosen to maintain her pregnancy without any use of medicines and took it to the birth all organically.

During the carrier roller coaster moments, some of the facts are necessary to be mentioned here

In 2005 the city’s mayor of Las Vegas handed over the keys to Jennifer Walcott for her work in the promotion of the city.

She took part in the WWE diva search and once she was the finalist of this event.

She was a poetess and her poems were once featured in the readers’ digest as well. She volunteered at the Ronal Macdonald Washington DC.

Many people in the industry had different worth according to their ranks, but if e talk about the net worth of the lady Jennifer Walcott according to surveys and different sites was $10million and her annual salary was $500 thousand presently.

If we look into the life of Jennifer Walcott, her life wasn’t easy from the start, she was groomed as a dancer and cheerleader against the will and then molded her career as a Makeup artist and then into the field of glamor modeling.

Jennifer Walcott had made her appearance many times as a “Postal Babe” on Running with Scissors’ official website. She also got her appearance in the Postal III video game. In recent years she is working as the spokesperson for Ciclon rum and Bally’s slot machine


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