levi ackerman

In season two, Levi Ackerman was revealed to be a titan shifter and thus has been hiding his true identity from all but close friends and family. He is an extremely skilled fighter with a cold personality who does not hesitate to kill anyone who he deems to be an enemy.

levi ackerman

Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the popular manga series Attack on Titan. He is a soldier in the Survey Corps and the former partner of Hange Zoë.

The Kindest Things Levi Ackerman ever did:

Some of the Kindest Things Levi Ackerman did are mentioned below;

levi ackerman

Sacrificing his life for his squad and humanity:

Ackerman is the most selfless person in the series. He’s not a perfect hero, but he does his best to save his squad and humanity. Most of the squad members are fairly selfless, too. Murph is responsible for saving humanity by sacrificing herself. Fuchs does his best to save humanity and sacrifices himself to do so.

Rushing to save Mikasa, Eren, and Armin from the titan that killed their mother:

Eren and Armin are both left without a mother as Mikasa rushes to save them from the titan that killed her. Eren, who is only 5 years old, is traumatized by the event and has to be comforted by his sister. Mikasa, who has just lost her mother, is also in shock and Armin tries to console her.

levi ackerman

Sacrificing himself again to buy Armin time to clear a way out of Trost District:

Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular anime characters in the world. He is the main protagonist in Attack on Titan and has been shown to have a lot of skills. One of the skills he has shown is his ability to sacrifice himself for his friends by fighting an enemy that can kill him with one attack and then die.

Giving Jean a piece of her mind when they first meet:

When Jean first meets the protagonist, she is not satisfied with what she sees. She is not impressed by him and thinks that he is a liar. She is also suspicious of him and doesn’t believe in his story about how he was able to get out of the hospital.

Jean does not trust the protagonist and does not want to be friends with him either. She believes that he will betray her if he gets a chance to do so.

levi ackerman


Levi Ackerman‘s kindness changed humanity forever. He was a hero, a savior, and the most important person to ever live. God of War Edit “Good is a four-letter word, Kratos.” – Athena The power of good led the Titans to imprison all of us humans in the Tartarus.


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