Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are the need of the hour whether you are running a corporate house or have an individual home. The need for an internet connection is paramount for businesses and individuals. So, if you are perplexed between fiber optics, modem, DSL, Wireless Satellite, or others, this article explains some good points about fiber optics. Stay tuned with this article. 

What Are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics cable is a data transmission technology in which the data is transformed into waves of light and transferred over an optical fiber cable. It is an alternative to copper data transmission cables. Fiber optics have a few benefits, for example, very high data transmission, low misfortunes much over significant stretches, and inherent resistance to Electromagnetic Interference and radio frequency interference.

Some of the Fiber Optic networking components that are needed

–          Multimode, Duplex Fiber Optic Cable

–          Multi-mode SC Fiber Media Converter

–          ST Fiber Optic Keystone Module/Couple

–          Digital Audio Optical Fiber

As we can see, lots of different resources are required to properly run fiber optics and to cover up all the minute details the installation process is divided into 3 stages.

The Three Crucial Stages of Installing Fiber Optics


The first crucial stage is engineering. To install the whole fiber optics it is important that you have an effective group of specialists’ i.e. professional engineers who have good experience in the field of designing the whole framework that can consult and provide an end-to-end full-stack design from a new design to an existing one. For designing the framework it is important that you use the proper tool and software and have a clear blueprint through software like AutoCAD, Catia, 3D modeling, and more.


The second phase is the Procurement of materials. As installing fiber optics is a tricky task it is important to have proper tools and inventory on hand. Resources like connectors and terminals, electrical tape, cable lacing and tapes, tools, cleaners, and more are required. Taking care of all the resources is tedious work and therefore it is a good practice to take assistance from a good consultant.


After all the build-ups in the engineering and procurement stage, the time has come to go live. Understanding the delicacy of the installation of the product it is important that the technician who installs the whole system should be well practiced and deliver high quality. So that after installation and concealing fiber optics inside the wall or hanging it. there should not be any problems. It is important to have trained technicians to help you install the whole process as per the design.

Why Choose FTI Belman?

FTI Belman has specifically conformed to more than twenty affiliations and organizations traversing numerous modalities. And they seem on a mission, to empower your playfield with proper consulting and provide engineering, procurement, and installation. A complete package in one place for all types of industries with professional teams and a sustainable budget.


To make the fiber optics installation fast, budget-friendly, quality service, and reliable it is advisable to consult the experts before the installation process. FTI Belman has a team of experts and all the resources ready and tailor-made for your industry and type. The team has a huge amount of experience and are ready to educate your company to be experts in the field to tackle all sorts of problems. To know more click here for more information and schedule an appointment.


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