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Do you want to know about John McAfee’s Triggers Countdown to Unmask Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto? John MacAfee has been in the news recently after it was reported that he committed suicide in a hotel room in Central America. He was 61-years-old.

John MacAfee, the former head of the company that created the world’s most popular antivirus software, has committed suicide. It is reported that he was found dead in a hotel room in Central America on Wednesday morning.

John McAfee knows Bitcoin’s creator:

This section goes on to speculate that there are many people claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, which has created a thriving market of sales.

As far as I’m concerned, the answer is a resounding no. But with John’s background and following, it will be very entertaining.

Some people obviously seem to be concerned about this; however, we don’t have any evidence or proof to support that he actually “outed” Satoshi. McAfee is an excellent resource for scoops! I just wish they would stop tweeting spam because my timeline is now full of junk.

Whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories, the key to Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet is still:

The Bitcoin origin story is the best kind of conspiracy theory. We have a project with a very cryptic provenance, shrouded in mystery, and yet it has become one of the most powerful symbols to represent the future of money.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin. The true identity of this genius has never been confirmed and remains a mystery to this day. But the true value and importance of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention go beyond mining Bitcoin – it is about what we do with this invention.

The founder is the one who harnesses most of the power in an ICO. They gain a large share of ownership and sometimes dictate what should be done with the funds raised. For this reason, it would make sense for them to show some communication with token holders when things don’t really work out – if only to keep in touch and reassure investors that they have things.

Summing Up:

The ERC20 coin is a digital currency built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a maximum supply of 790,184,970 whacked among 30,587 whacked holders. This currency is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world

John McAfee is a well-known cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur. In recent years, he has been accused of perpetrating a number of serious crimes, including murder and sexual assault. McAfee has denied these accusations. On the morning of April 12th, 2018, John McAfee was found dead in his home.


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