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Online Proctoring System – Know about its features and Pros & Cons!


Online exams and assessments have become a standard procedure in corporate and educational industries. 

Mainly, after the coronavirus pandemic, people are searching for different methods to complete their tasks while maintaining several physical restrictions. Thus, an online proctoring system and proctoring software are becoming popular nowadays.

While talking about online assessments, you must remember that proctoring software is crucial in the procedure. Now, you may wonder why an online proctoring system is important. Discussed here are some crucial features of this system and its pros and cons.

What is an online proctoring system?

An online proctoring system is an integrated and advanced AI tool or proctoring software that has been designed and developed to conduct a test environment that is cheat-proof and helps the candidates to take part in the examination through the Internet from a remote area. 

This procedure increases the chance for the administrator to manage and conduct examinations online from anywhere in the world without any scope for ill practices or dishonest acts.

The important features of an online proctoring system

  1. Browsing limitation

Through this feature, the administrator of the exam can pre-define or identify the number of attempts that are followed for leaving the test screen. If a participant browses away from the test screen more than a specific number of times, the exam will end automatically.

  1. Authentication of the candidates

An effective proctoring software ensures accurate authentication of the participants. It is a crucial step for registering a candidate, where the personal identity, OTP, or the IP address of the candidate is being checked. 

In this way, the administrator can ensure that the participant is an authentic candidate, not an impersonator.

  1. Detailed report

This feature is essential at the end of the online proctoring system, where the online proctoring software creates a detailed report of the candidate after the exam. This report offers an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s performance during the test. It also shows the percentage and marks obtained by the candidate.

  1. Advanced control features

If any candidate is suspected of following any improper means or cheating, a red flag will raise; in that case, the proctor can end the test or pause. Thus, the administrator can easily conduct a secure and cheat-free examination.

Pros and cons of an online proctoring system


  • Proctoring software is highly accurate and does not depend on manual invigilation.
  • It can eliminate any kind of dependency on a center by helping candidates participate in the exam from any location while offering a cheat-free exam environment.
  • The proctor can pay proper attention to the actions of every candidate for the exam.
  • An online proctoring system is a cost-effective solution.
  • The supervisor can quickly identify the candidate who is cheating as an online proctoring system can raise red flags if any ill method is followed.


Though there are not many disadvantages of using online proctoring software; however, one can be said that it is difficult to implement online proctoring in locations where Internet connections are poor.

Therefore, online proctoring software is becoming more popular in different sectors for its amazing features that can be enjoyed while conducting online exams.



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