phantasmal force 5e

Not all magic in Dungeons & Dragons is something you can rectify with damage. There s more than one method to vanquish a monster, and not all ice spells and fireball blasts deal damage. The nature of most of the monsters in Dungeons & Dragons can make you think them up and get through a challenge rather than brawling with it. Using spells such as minor illusions and psychic spells can help you to think up monsters rather than defeat them.

Of course, one of these spells is phantasmal force 5e, which is really handy for entering into the monster’s head to demonstrate your magical prowess. But why would you choose phantasmal force over a magical battle spell? When should you use your powers for it? And can you use them in conflict?

What is Phantasmal Force 5e Spell?

By using phantasmal force 5e you create a trick that brings about a simultaneous reaction in the mind of a creature that you can plainly see within range. The target is required to make an Intelligence saving throw. On a failed to save, you create a magical object, creature, or another physical phenomenon of up to a 10-foot cube that you can see only inside the mind of your target till the spell ends.

The phantasm may consist of sound, temperature, and other sensations, and is meant to be seen only by the creature that is targeted. If it employs an action to check the phantasm with an Intelligence check against your spell save DC, the target knows that the phantasm is an illusion, and the spell is done.

While a target is affected by the spell, the target treats the fantasy as if it were real. The target rationalizes any illogical outcomes from interacting with the fantasy. For example, a target attempting to walk across a phantasmal bridge that spans a chasm falls once it steps onto the bridge. If the target survives the fall, it will still assume that the bridge exists and generates some other explanation for the fall; it was pushed out, it slipped, or a strong wind may have knocked down it.

Affected by phantasms, a target is so convinced of the proof that it can even endure the impact of illusion. A phantasm to explode can be created to appear like a creature that can attack the target. In line with this, a phantasm that presents flames, rain, or lava can burn the target to death.

By default, the phantasm can deal 1d6 psychic damage to the target each round on your turn, regardless of where the phantasm is. The target perceives the damage as a type matching the phantasm.

Alright, let’s dissect this whole topic shortly. It is a 2nd-level illusion spell that can be cast by a Bard, Wizard, or Sorcerer. It requires an action to cast and can affect a target from 60 feet. It requires a vocal, somatic, and material component, with the material component being a piece of fleece. Your character incantations the spell by concentrating and undertaking it for one minute.

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How Can a Player Uses Phantasmal Force 5e Spell?

Once the spell is cast, you may choose a target. This target should make an Intelligence saving throw versus your spell save DC. If it fails, then you create an illusion that fills your target’s mind. This illusion may not be larger than a 10-foot cube, so roughly two squares by two squares. This is an object, a creature, or some other phenomenon of your choice. It can also have sound effects, temperature changes, and other sensations to help it seem real to the target creature.

In the creatures’ actions, they have the ability to use analysis or an intelligence check against the spell save DC to determine whether or not the spell is real. If they do manage to be successful, they locate the spell illusory, and it ends. If unsuccessful, they treat your phantom as if it were an actual target.

They rationalize any event they might have with the popular imagination as reality. They are so convinced of the phantasm’s reality that they can cause great injury from their encounter.

Ahead of the round on your turn, the enemy is 5 feet away from the phantasm, the illusion can deal only one point of physical damage to your enemy. Of course, you need to have the illusion be something that can attack a target. The enemy would perceive the damage as logical if linked with the illusion.

For instance, if you create a phantom pool of acid and they step into it, the enemy will take acid damage. If you create a large illusion of an ogre, then the ogre can attack the enemy and they will suffer the damage from the attack. They will think that the psychic damage is the ogre biting them or punching them.

Is Phantasmal Force 5e Spell Have Worth?

While at first, this spell might appear to be complicated and confusing for its caster, the truth is that this spell and others like it are the easiest spells to work with and visualize.

This is magic in the most literary of manners. It can perform whatever you like. This spell is limited only by your own wit in a quick-thinking situation. If anything, the harm it inflicts is relatively minimal. 1d6 psychic damage is nice but is rarely enough to swing the battle in your favor.

If you can’t think of a way to use magic beyond only blowing things up with your army of blasting-things-up, this spell is not for you. However, if you enjoy making use of magic to the point that you are stretched to the limit, then this is the keystone spell to which you are written about.

Why Would a Player Use this Spell?

You can use this spell to do two different things, either create an object or creature or create a mirage-like object. Let’s begin with the creature. Imagine that you and your peers are fleeing from some kobolds out of their hideout, and you have all managed to swim over or jump over a river that is nearby.

Seeing that the river is very deep and an excerpt from a fast-moving river exists, your bard considers the pastime of a hero and plays with the figure of a faux bridge on the kobold chief’s mind. The bridge image is created, the kobold fails the intelligence save, and then he darts across the bridge, or at least tries to. Instead, he falls into the water, fails a strength save, and is dashed against some rocks.

With no authority figure standing, the remaining kobolds flee and the conflict ends. Creating a risk in which it can fit in a ten-foot square can be a great way to control the battlefield or be a trick on an enemy. By developing the appearance of risk, the enemy will move cautiously because they assume they can be harmed by it.

Form Where a Player Gets a Fleece?

Fleece or sheepskin has to be used to cast the spell. It’s frequently discovered in your inventory pouch when you possess a pouch, or you may find it wherever sheep may gather, and is also sold at seamstress and cloth stores. Fleece could also be offered at clothmaking shops and factories.

You might even find fleece as loot in certain locations and on certain enemies. If you’re not looking for the Legendary Fleece, this will most likely be an epic quest.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts about the Phantasmal Force 5e spell. we will also discuss how this spell works and why would a player use this spell to get the advantages.


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