Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor renowned for his television serials like love & hate and misfit. Since his childhood, he was very keen on music and was always fascinated with screen artists. He made his first premier acting by participating in a movie song for a Raggy Boy. His work as a series regular for his debut TV series ‘Foreign Exchange‘ took his career to a hallmark of success and boosted his fame in the media world. As mentioned above, with his extraordinary performances in the series, he climbed all his way up to become one of the young, vibrant stars in Hollywood. With the passing years, by indulging himself in some significant roles, he became a notable actor within no time. Robert Sheehan has been selected as ‘Best Young Actor” honored by the ‘British Academy of television and film. He also won the Irish Television award for his supporting role in the serial love & hate.

Robert Sheehan

This article, shedding some light on the early childhood days of Robert Sheehan. He was born on January 7, 1988, in Laois, Ireland. His father served in the general police force. Robert Sheehan was the youngest among his siblings. He was a spoiled child and a stubborn child who use to do the chores he loves the most and was never forced to do anything beyond his interest. Thus, he is also fond of music and has got a firm command of playing musical instruments.

Amazingly, Robert Sheehan was a sensible young boy since his childhood; even before entering his teenage, he got himself indulged in school plays. One of his most prominent experiences in school plays acting was ‘Oliver with a Twist.’

Fortunately, luck was on his side that took him to become a film star as an exceptional and confident kid. His mothers always use to accompany him to perform in auditions as a teenager to support him morally and boost up his confidence to perform even better. Being chosen for a role in the film ‘Song for a Raggy Boy’ really surprised his family. Robert Sheehan gave his immense effort of complete confidence while portraying his character in the movie.

Once out of high school, he was strong-minded to gain a professional degree in performing arts. Reaching the age of 18, he enrolled at the ‘Galway–Mayo Institute of Technology but did not like being an artist’s theoretical perspectives. After no getting settled in the first year at the college, he eventually dropped out.

Robert Sheehan

Starting Career of Robert Sheehan

Robert Sheehan mother was worried about him but did not stop behind him and accompanying him to auditions. She became his supervisor, which helped raise his self-belief. in early 2000, he began participating in many roles that ultimately paved his way to his vast debut.
Moreover, discussing the overall career growths, back in 2004, Robert Sheehan auditioned for a significant role in the series’ Foreign Exchange’. This indeed comforted him and was considered the first role of his career. Earlier in his teenage, he indulged as a college kid with a brilliant mind that made him appear in all the episodes of the series that almost ran a complete season.

He then performed ‘King Louis XIV’ in the historical drama series ‘Young Blades.’ Robert Sheehan became a regular series and earned massive fame among his fans. The mix together of his childlike screen presence and astonishing performing talent proved to be working in his good deed. Robert then did small stints for the series ‘The Clinic’ and ‘Bel’s Boys’ during 2001. His position as ‘Liam’ in the two-part comedy-drama ‘Bitter Sweet’ was mainly worth mentioning and supported Robert to set a benchmark of success in his career.

In November 2008, he performed in ‘Red Riding” along with the well-known actor’s Sean Bean and Andrew Garfield. A further publication like the dark adaptation of the famous fairytale quartet written by David Peace boosted up his career growth.

In 2010, Robert in his first most delicate role in a major motion picture, ‘Cherry bomb,’ a European drama film. The movie represented two friends, played by Robert and Rupert, who got time on a weekend arguing with each other to gain the attention of pretty girls.
Meanwhile, Robert also performed in the paranormal thriller series ‘Misfits,’ representing a few small-time goons. The goons accidentally got struck by lightning that resulted in giving them superpowers. However, Robert played a traditional role in the sequence in its initial three seasons. In 2011 he shook hands with another career-defining period with his prominent role in the fifth episode of the love & hate series. One of Robert’s personal favorites earned an astounding number of ratings though David Caffrey directed it.

Robert’s, on behalf of his performances, received numerous awards. In 2012, Robert made a firm outer shell in the American film ‘Season of the Witch .’ In the same year, he performed ‘Ivan’ in the Irish humor ‘Killing Bono.’ The motion picture was a slack depiction of Irish rocker Ivan McCormick’s being and became a winning venture for Robert.

Robert Sheehan

Furthermore, in the same year, Robert did a dramatic stretch in ‘The Playboy of the Western World.’ In 2014, Robert performed one more principal role in the film ‘City of Bones,’ a film version of the 2008 novel of the same name. Critics cherished the movie, and so was Robert’s performance as ‘Simon Lewis,’ an instrumentalist.

In 2013, he became a sequence standard in the sitcom series Me and Mrs. Jones, which had him performing ‘Billy Delaney,’ one of the frequent be in love with the wellbeing of the so-called character. He then served in meaningful roles in movies such as Moonwalkers and The Road Within.

Remarkably, Robert has won several honors for his enormous input to the skill of performing arts. In October 2016, he became the beneficiary of the ‘Burke Medal for Contribution to a conversation through the Arts’ from the ‘College Historical Society’ of the prominent ‘Trinity College.’

Additionally, although Robert Sheehan is an authentic man about his personal life, he has dated moderately many women from the artist and media industry. His past affiliation with actress Taylor Kranzle had become a hot news bulletin for the media though they got separated after some time. Afterward, Robert then started dating French actor Sofia Boutella, and their connection is still going prevailing. In his spare moments, Robert likes to take a trip and spend his time with his acquaintances at home. Most of he has also been seen enjoying cooking and grilling barbecue. I am very confident that this article will bring delight to the fans of Robert Sheehan that gives them a complete fact of their beloved star.


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