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Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co., Ltd. is a company that provides electronic Shenzhen Device and services in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited is a worldwide brand for advanced and smart wireless networking devices and ad. They have been in the market for over 10 years.

As you might know, WIFI is the abbreviation of the word “wireless fidelity”. It is a network of radio waves that allows data to be transmitted wirelessly, without wires. WIFI networks are not limited to WIFI devices only but also include other wireless technologies like Bluetooth, mobile phones and cordless phones.

shenzhen device

Who Is Shenzhen Bilian Electronic?

Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Corporation Limited was founded in 2003 to make wireless networking devices more affordable to consumers. In 2004, they became the first company to mass produce a wireless router that used Wi-Fi technology. In 2008, they started selling their first mobile phone that had Wi-Fi capabilities.

Why Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device Attached on My Wi-Fi?

The Shenzhen Bilian Electronics provides a variety of services such as video calling and voice calls in addition to connecting with other devices through Bluetooth and 4G networks. A spoof is a process that allows users to avoid being blocked from accessing the internet by a firewall. The user downloads a proxy server and tricks the system into thinking that the device is using its IP address and port number.

This process will allow hackers to access your personal information and data without you knowing about it. Miracast wireless screens are similar to the Miracast Wireless Adapter. They can also be linked to other devices wirelessly but typically; they give a better quality of experience than Bluetooth.

Can You Remove the Shenzhen Device?

Wi-Fi is a wireless communication system that helps devices connect to each other over a distance. All connected devices are automatically in a network when they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

You are experiencing intermittent Wi-Fi disconnection issues with your device? It may be because of the Shenzhen Bilian Electronic. The hardware and software of this device automatically reconnects repeatedly. to your Wi-Fi network, draining the battery in a matter of hours. You can disable this feature in the Bilian Electronics app by going to Settings and Security and turning off “Re-connect to Wi-Fi automatically when disconnected.”

Simple Process to check which Shenzhen Bilian electronic on my WIFI:

When you’re looking for a particular website or app on your Wi-Fi router, there are many different ways of doing so. Search the web interface for a choice such as “attached devices” or “DHCP clients,” or “connected devices.”

There are a lot of ways to find the Wi-Fi settings you need. Here are some approaches to help you locate them.

  • The Status section will show you a list of attached devices that are connected to your D-Link routers. You can use the Wireless tab to see what wireless coverage is available in your home or office, as well as reset security settings on individual devices.
  • When you connect to your router, you’ll see a screen like the one below. “Status” is an option and is located under local network and DHCP Clients.
  • These apps can help enhance the customer’s experience across their connected devices. You will find them in the drop-down menu below the “Attached Devices” tab on Netgear or Comcast routers.
  • Several routers offer a list of devices attached through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.


Shenzhen Bilian Electronics Corporation Limited has been a pioneer in developing and manufacturing smart home devices for over 20 years now. The company continues to innovate with new technology and products, such as their latest product, the Shenzhen device Smart Home Hub, which was released on September 2017.

The company is led by its president, Mr. Xu Guoqi, who has been working with the company since its inception.


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