Specktrum aims to create products that are designed with sincerity, where the individual expression and the personal details are at the heart of everything we do.

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What Is Specktrum?

Specktrum designs products that are both functional and beautiful. Their products are made from natural materials and designed to be used every day. It is the belief that creates modern home accessories that becomes part of everyday life and becomes the preferred accessories.


Specktrum Products:

Specktrum is a company that focuses on affordable luxury, statement pieces for everyday life, and long-lasting quality products.

Home accessories can change expressions according to their compositions and surroundings and help create unique and personalized solutions in today’s homes home accessories that have character and style, but are also affordable.

SpecKtrum Founded By:

Spektrum is a company founded by sisters Anne and Kristina Laussen. They believe that they want to deliver high-quality products. They were founded on the belief that good cooperation should be visible to everyone in their universe of Specktrums – Kristina Laursens. “We are personally involved in every aspect of our business, and we believe that the small things together make the difference.” – Kristina Laursen- Anne Laursen.


Can I return a product?

If you purchase something from our online shop, you can return it within 14 days from your order date. Please contact us at info@specktrum-dk.com with your completed cancellation form. You will find it under our terms and conditions there. The case will then go through the court system. Note that you bear the cost of returns. Keep a record of when you send back an item.

Can I see Specktrum products in real life?

We have a careful selection of skilled Specktrum dealers. See the list of our partners on the “Find a Dealer” tab. You are also very welcome to contact us, so we can help you find your nearest dealer and products.

Can I have my order wrapped?

Yes. All smaller products in our range can be purchased for packaging. This is done in the shopping basket on the individual products.

How long is the delivery time?

We strive to provide fast delivery. As a rule, our delivery time is 1-3 business days. When you buy larger products such as mirrors or furniture, you must choose in Check-out which day you want delivery.

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