telesto catalyst

The Telesto Catalyst is a weapon in Destiny 2 that has the power to transform enemies into allies. It can also be found in the wild.

The Telesto Catalyst is a unique weapon that can transform enemies into allies. It’s also found in the wild and has a lot of different uses. The Telesto Catalyst is perfect for players who want to take on powerful bosses, but don’t have the right weapons or gear for them yet.

telesto catalyst

What Is Telesto catalyst?

The Telesto Catalyst Exotic Hand Cannon is a powerful weapon that uses the element of fire. It can deal a lot of damage to enemies, but it has its drawbacks as well.

Telesto in PvE & PvP:

Telesto is a great perk for all PvE players. It has a good area of effect damage and reloads on multi-kills.

Telesto is an underrated perk in the game, but it provides a lot of utility to any player that uses it. It has an area of effect damage and reloads on multi-kills. This makes it a great perk for all PvE players, especially those that are struggling with the game’s balance issues.

Telesto’s special ability is called Overload, and it will reload automatically when you are hit by enemy fire. This ability can be used in PVP and PvE, but it has some drawbacks with its lower accuracy when used outside of Overload mode in PvP.

telesto catalyst

What does the Telesto Catalyst Do in Destiny 2?

The Telesto Catalyst is an exotic hand cannon that can be obtained from the EDZ. This weapon has a very unique design and functions like a grenade launcher. Telesto is a Latin word meaning fiery.

The Telesto Catalyst Exotic Hand Cannon is best used in close-quarters combat and can be obtained through a quest in Destiny. Telesto is an Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. This weapon is obtained through a quest in the game’s campaign and can be upgraded with one of three different perks. Telesto features a low recoil while dealing high damage per shot.

What are the Best Ways to Hunt for The Telesto Catalyst and Where to Find Them?

It has a unique ability to generate an elemental orb that can be shot at enemies. It is a rare and powerful weapon, but it isn’t the easiest to find. It’s been said that it’s possible to find the catalyst in any raid, but this might not be true.

There are many ways to hunt for the Telesto Catalyst with varying levels of success. You could try looking for it in public events or by crafting it using blueprints from vendors. During the “A New Dawn” quest, you must find and steal the Telesto Catalyst from The Dusty Dune.

Summing Up:

The Telesto Catalyst is a team-oriented weapon that can give your team the edge over your opponents. The Telesto Catalyst is a weapon that can be used by any player on your team. It can be used to suppress enemies with its muzzle and suppress their movement with its suppressor. Furthermore, it has a high fire rate and the scope allows for precision shots.


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