You bought your computer a year ago. However, it’s already started malfunctioning a little within such a short period of time. You’re experiencing a slow operation whenever you open a new Chrome tab or play a game.

Why’s it happening, though?

Like us humans, the overall capability or performance of a computer can decrease over time. And, if you don’t maintain the same correctly, it’ll deteriorate even sooner than usual.

So, how do you solve it?

Maintaining the condition of your computer can be time-consuming, especially if you’re doing everything manually. Hence, if you want to speed up the procedure, using a registry cleaner app can be helpful. Download a registry cleaner app from

What Is A Registry Cleaner App?

The registry is a digital space where your computer keeps each and every setting you have made in the system. It is a vast database, which comprises all the options and information etc., for the hardware and software available on your PC.

Now, the problem is – the registry of your PC can contain a massive amount of data. Therefore, as there are so many entries available, something will go wrong at one time or another.

According to an expert, the errors in a computer’s registry cause the majority of crashes or software-related issues. And, the more you use your PC, the more likely it becomes for the registry to burst out and cause malfunctioning.

As you can understand from the name, you can use a registry cleaner app to clear out the registry of your PC. It, in turn, can potentially speed up your PC, make it perform better, and help you reduce the number of crashes efficiently.

Idealmost Registry Cleaner Apps For Your PC

In this section, we’ll enlist five registry cleaner apps that we found to be useful. For better understanding, we have also provided the pros and cons of the software. Hopefully, it’ll help you find out the best possible option for your purpose.

Tool – 1: Iolo System Mechanic

Whether it’s about tuning up your PC or improving its speed – the Iolo System Mechanic will be the best option for every circumstance. With it, you can clean the clutter available in your hard drive, defragment memory, and the repair registry. According to the developer, you can also get almost 89% faster start-up and 40% quicker downloads.


  • Comes with a dedicated program accelerator.
  • Can clean up more than 50 types of junk files.
  • Features two different scan modes – deep scan and quick scan.


  • It can only be used on Windows.

Tool – 2: Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is all about identifying and resolving the core performance issue of your computer. With it, you can perform various tedious tasks, such as – cleaning up your drivers, boosting security, etc. Additionally, Outbyte can identify the cached and temporary files available on your hard drive and remove them automatically.


  • Can solve more than 100 common PC-related issues.
  • Is capable of offering a quick overview of your PC’s performance, like CPU speed.
  • Relatively lightweight and can be used almost everywhere.


  • Does not provide any free plan.

Tool – 3: Restoro

Unlike the former, Restoro is an all-inclusive system solution for repairing your PC securely. The tool can help you perform a hardware analysis and offer an assessment of the current condition of your PC. In addition, you can use it to free up your PC’s overall disk space and restore its maximum performance efficiently.


  • Can be used for both hardware repair and optimizing registry.
  • Can replace or restore DLL files efficiently.
  • Is capable of removing viruses and repairing the damage caused by them.


  • Can be pretty expensive.

Tool – 4: Defencebyte

The working procedure of Defencebyte is quite similar to Restoro, but it’s a little pricier and offers services like a privacy shield and anti-ransomware. The computer optimizer tool of the software is an excellent registry cleaner. Aside from cleaning up your system, it can also search your PC for registry malfunctions and computer glitches.


  • Can improve the speed and prominence of your PC’s performance.
  • Will help you schedule the scan and perform it automatically.
  • Can delete invalid paths and useless file extensions.


  • Only compatible with Windows.

Tool – 5: Advanced SystemCare

A free-to-use registry cleaner, Advanced SystemCare comes with an attractive UI and offers tools to maintain your PC. It’s easy to use, provides a single-click file deletion, and can be used for almost every accord. However, it can malfunction.


  • Ideal for people who are not that tech-savvy. 
  • Can backup files automatically.
  • Offers single-click repairs and scans.


  • Can install unwanted programs automatically.

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