Top 7 Reasons For Leveraging Video Ads by Your Business

Your business needs a regular inflow of new customers to stay competitive, sustainable, and profitable. If you are scratching your head to figure out how to achieve this difficult feat, just leverage the magnetic power of video ads.

These video ads resonate with targeted leads, motivate them to follow your CTA (Call-To-Action) without thrusting the sales pitch, and send across your message in a fun and engaging way.

The popular video channel, YouTube, sees 500 hours+ videos uploaded per minute and prides itself on 1 billion+ hour of video watching every day.

Amazing, isn’t it?

All popular online platforms, particularly social media, allow the uploading of videos to engage with audiences. You can turbocharge your business by building trust and credibility with customers with whom you can bond through immersive and entertaining videos.

Importance of Video Ads For Your Business

Unlock the potential of video ads and your business ROI (Returns on Investment) growing by leaps and bounds. Wondering how? Read on to learn more.

Dramatically Increase Organic Traffic’s Inflow To Your Business Website

Visually appealing videos with fun content spellbind viewers and are viewed intuitively by them compared to boring text. Thanks to the auto-play feature offered by YouTube, Facebook, and other channels, audiences are not required even to click videos to play them. Self-playing of videos starts once you focus on them through the device’s screen.

Videos draw out more likes, subscribers, and shares from audiences. The engagement quotient increases when your brand starts individualized interaction with those who leave comments on videos.

You will soon witness a surge in organic footfall on your website, driving revenues through the roof.

Improve Your Brand Recall Rate

Brand recall? Sounds unfamiliar.

Well, it is extremely important for the survival of your business. It denotes if the customer is capable of remembering a brand, about which s/he has read earlier, associated with the product/ service s/he is shopping for.

For instance, the word ‘sports shoe’ makes the names of brands like ‘Puma’ and ‘Nike’ spring up in our minds.

Video ads communicate your message at a subliminal level. This implies that your brand name gets etched in the psyche of viewers. Whenever an opportune moment for purchasing shows up for such viewers, they can easily connect the product with your brand (if relevant).

This happens because humans can remember 95% of a video message compared to 10% of textual messages.

Videos can effectively communicate highly complicated and cryptic concepts in a comprehensible manner. This works wonders, particularly when you launch new products. Combine imagery, animation, sound, and real footage to create compelling atmospherics and see your ROI multiply.

Capture the Attention of Leads Using Mobile or Handheld Devices

An increasing number of internet users rely on smartphones or mobile devices for online browsing. Videos play seamlessly on mobile screens and offer an immersive watching experience.

Mobiles enjoy an edge over laptops or desktops because they offer unparalleled ease for videos to be played, liked, or shared. Video ads help you efficiently reach out to these ever-growing next-gen mobile users who are more likely to spend on your brand.

Render Your Email Campaigns More Productive

Video ads can take your marketing to the next level if you are targeting leads through emails. Consider including the word ‘video’ in the email’s subject and increase its open rate drastically. Else, leads are likely to ignore your email or mark it spam.

Including videos in the email’s body significantly increases the CTR (click-through rate). This is because videos cater to the short attention span of viewers better than bland text.

You can use a good free video ad maker to create persuasive videos for your email campaign.

Increase Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Attention-grabbing and informative videos motivate prospective customers to spend more time on your site. Once the video ends, they follow the CTA and explore your brand’s offerings which protracts their stay time.

This is viewed positively by Google, which attributes engagement to the quality content of your site.

Consequently, Google rewards your site with a higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking. This allows the site to feature all relevant keyword-related searches on the opening page.

Furthermore, YouTube is also a search engine. Post videos on your channel and accompany the same with killer titles, appropriate descriptions, and backlinks to your website.

This optimization will further enhance your site’s SERP.

Enhance Lead Conversions And ROI

Video Ads aligned comprehensively with your digital marketing strategy for driving campaigns across all relevant touchpoints can boost your sales astronomically. Videos on the landing page compel 80% of qualified leads to follow the CTA and ultimately become your customers.

Explainer videos succeed in convincing almost 74% of viewers about the suitability and utility of your products. Watching the dynamics of the product explained visually inspires trust in an amazingly high number of leads.

Videos have ushered in higher ROI for 89% of businessmen. You must capitalize on the popularity of videos to steal the march over your competitors.

Acquire and Retain Customers By Building Trust

Customers will come into your business fold and show loyalty if they feel that you genuinely care about their needs and are interested in personally engaging with them. This needs patience and a caring approach which video ads make possible.

You can build trust through:

  • Video ads that carry a link for in-person interaction
  • Showcasing your organizational culture, shopfloor, and employees’ views
  • Broadcasting customer testimonials and your unique way of troubleshooting problems
  • Sharing updates about new product launches, updates, market news, etc.


Your business needs video ads to endure the stiff competition that characterizes every corporate niche. Optimize the influencing power of videos to share your brand’s vision, philosophy, and desire to serve people better. Once prospects feel the warmth of your brand’s personal touch and genuine concern for customers, sales and profit will increase automatically.

Remember, creative and witty videos attract while sales pitch-armed blunt videos distract.


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