twitch logs

We discuss what Twitch logs actually are, why they need monitoring, and how to check them and manage them.

Twitch is the go-to platform for gamers to watch streams of their favorite games. Since the dawn of COVID-19, Twitch has seen an increase in viewership. Especially, given that so many people who are stuck inside during the coronavirus outbreak have turned to the game as a way to pass the time. It now has over 25 million DAUs.

The platform has also allowed gamers to create engaging communities for people who follow them and watch them play games. You can watch a live stream and interact with other viewers as well. The chat box appears as a vertical bar beside the streaming window, allowing viewers to interact with each other while viewing the stream.

twitch logs

Does Twitch store chat information?

Twitch doesn’t store chats permanently. After storing your stream VODs, it will delete them after 14-60 days. Therefore, you can access your chats logs – along with the videos – for as long as they remain available.

twitch logs

How to view Twitch logs for other channels?

Unless the owner of the channel allows you to view their chat history, there’s only one way to see the chat history of other people on that channel – by watching their videos. However, if the streamer has enabled the viewing of their own stream VODs by others, they must be logged in to Twitch. tv at the time of the request.

twitch logs

Why you should check Twitch logs

Live chat is a vital tool for streaming, but there are multiple reasons why you might want to check your chat history after it has been recorded in twitch logs.

For example, if you’re looking for an answer to a question that was asked in chat and you can’t find it, or you just want to see what people were saying about something you did during a stream.

My Final Thoughts:

Twitch Chat Logs allows the streamer to interact with his or her fans and viewers through chat, giving them a chance to express their views about the stream. The chat is available in different languages, and can be accessed directly from within a Twitch stream.

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