There are colors that makeup colors. For example, blue is made up of colors such as cyan and indigo. There are many colors that can be combined to create blue, but we will explore what colors make blue best!
    To find colors that make up blue, we must use the color wheel. We will look at colors that are on one side of the color wheel and colors next to each other. The colors that make up blue appear between green and purple. It is a mixture of cyan, indigo, and some violet which appears closer to teal rather than true blue or navy blue. Although many sources say there are six colors in total when creating this shade of blues, another source says only three: Cyan (C), Indigo (I), and Violet/Purple(V).

    Do yellow and green make blue?

    This question comes up a lot when colors are being discussed. To answer this, you have to look at the color wheel and see where blue is in relation to green and yellow. The colors opposite each other on the color wheel make black so if yellow and green were combined it would not be possible for them to create an actual “blue” because they are direct across from one another. This means that no matter how much of either color was added together if there wasn’t any blue included then it will never come out as a true blue but more like a dull gray or light brown type shade instead! Green can help add some additional colors into your mixes such as teals, turquoise, and even purples depending on what colors are used with the green. The same goes for yellow, but if you’re looking to add in colors like reds, oranges, and even yellows themselves then using a combination of these colors together can create some great shades!

    Where does a crayon get its color from?

    The colors used to create a crayon come from where colors make blue! The colors in one crayon can range from being completely made up of colors that make blue to having no colors at all making blue – this would be black or white respectively. In addition, these two colors could also have small amounts of different shades which might include light blues, dark blues, etc…as well as other non-blue hues but they will not take over the makeup if your final product is going to end up being mostly or entirely “blue”.



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