what did aphmau do

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Animated series has become hugely popular in recent times. Now, even more, people are turning to this source of entertainment as they have more children. One of the most popular series on the channel in terms of daily views, “My Street”, won many hearts and TV awards.

what did aphmau do

Who is Aphmau?

Aphmau is a normal girl and the main character in “My Street” and also appeared in the prequels.

She’s friendly, passionate, and always confident in what she does. She might also have a sarcastic side sometimes. Since her debut in that story, she has appeared in all its sequel stories, like “Phoenix Drop High,” and so on.

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Some More Info about Aphmau:

As a young girl, Aphmau used to stay in a small house and enjoyed it. Looking back, Aphmau nearly always used to live with her parents. Her parents were not on good terms as Zack her father had cheated on her mother. However, Sylvana and the other woman did not part ways easily. They had a terrible fight that ended up their relationship.

Zack had a child with another woman, who was Aphmau’s half-brother. In Season 6, he discovers that his half-brother is Ein, which sets her on a quest to control the lives of all her friends.

Her personality and fields of interest

The series, “Aphmau,” is a popular series that follows the life of a “perfect” girl who has no flaws. The series has been enjoyed by young adults primarily. The protagonist, Aphmau, is displayed under the role of a character and not as herself.

In the first season, it was not clear how nervy or timid she was. It took some time before we knew she had a sarcastic edge to her personality. Deep down, her voice projected positivity and confidence.

What Did Aphmau Do?

In the prequel of “My Street”, Ein and Emerald were best friends. But things change when Ein throws the forever portion on her and Aphmau turns to be a cold, heartless person who only worships Ein. The story discusses how much power a person has to change others.

Aphmau was surprised when she discovered that the piece of paper Ein had given her at the beginning of the game, which told her how to proceed, was a forever function. She tried to figure out what this meant by stabbing Aron and mentioned it briefly with Ein.

Summing Up:

If you have been following the blog and hope so you got your answer about “What Did Aphmau Do?” you may be wondering what happened to Aphmau after the events of the final installment. Well, If you want to know something more so, let us know in a comment section…!


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